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Happy middle of the week to you, folks.

It's been an exciting week so far for yours truly, because, not only did I receive the most perfect cover for Her Imaginary Lover, I also got a release date.

Look out for Kaylom's and Macie's story June 16th. I shared the official excerpt for the story in last week's Mid Week Tease, so today, I'm bringing you a scene that made me chuckle when I wrote it. She's feisty that Macie.

Macie has followed Kaylom into his dimension and she meets his parents....

"Kaylom, where is he? What have they done to him? I want to see him. He's done nothing wrong. Where is he? Where the fuck am I?"
The words tumbled out of her and with it the realization that she could see. The blinding light separated into pixels of color and shapes, and she drew in a sharp breath, as her vision cleared, and she focused on the woman sitting on the side of her bed. Straight, long, silver blonde hair framed a face so beautiful it hurt to look at her. Despite the lines showing her advanced years, this woman shone with an inner beauty and serenity that manifested itself in a warm golden glow around her slim form. Macie's gaze snared at the diamond encrusted collar she wore around her neck, and the woman's lips curled up into a smile. Long elegant fingers brushed a strand of her hair away, and her brilliant blue eyes held a shimmering warmth and affection that bathed Macie in her approval, though what she had done to deserve that she wasn't quite sure.
"It does you credit to ask after your mate at a time like this. I told you Kaylom chose well, Arich."
A furious growl from the other side of the bed made Macie look over there, and she immediately wished she hadn't. The man stood there watching the scene in front of him from under hooded eyelids, looked just like she imagined Kaylom to look. Shoulder length black hair, peppered with strands of grey framed a harsh, proud face with an angular jaw, covered in several days' worth of scruff. The man's full lips sat in a grim line, and the veins stood out on a thick neck, sat on massive shoulders. His equally enormous and muscled arms were crossed over his chest, fists clenched. In fact his entire body looked coiled for action, and suspicion and mistrust surrounded him like a heavy, black cloak.
Macie instinctively dropped her gaze under his fierce stance, and immediately wished she hadn't. Her cheeks heated, taking in the way his thighs strained against the clingy fabric that covered them, and there was no missing the heavy bulge in his groin, even with the long tunic covering it. This had to be Kaylom's father, and it was all kinds of wrong to notice these details, but she couldn't help but look again anyway.
The woman next to her laughed, as though she'd read Macie's thoughts.
"Kaylom takes after his father, as you will have noticed."
Macie shook her head and groaned. Can you say busted? Sheesh, these were Kaylom's parents, and she was acting as though she'd never seen a man before, which was strictly speaking true, but made the whole situation even more awkward.
"I—I…" She gave up and simply stared at her clasped hands. If she didn't look around then she wouldn't get herself into trouble, and it also helped with the pounding in her temples. Being confronted with so much visual stimuli made her feel queasy.
"I'm Lycille, by the way and Kaylom's mother, as I'm sure you must have guessed by now. I would like to say I'm pleased to meet you, but your presence here has caused considerable uproar, already, and it means my son is currently sitting in a prison cell, so—"
"He what? Why?" Macie interrupted the other woman and glared at her. She yanked at the downy soft blanket covering her and for the first time realized that she was dressed. The long tunic like dress skimmed the top of her breasts and was the most beautiful deep blue. It echoed Lycille's clothing, minus the corset that cinched the older woman's curves in, and gave her a beautiful shape. A thigh high slit exposed bare legs, which ended in silver sandals that wrapped around her ankles with leather straps. It reminded her of descriptions of ancient Rome she'd read about as a child.
"Don't pretend you don't know what you've done, human." Arich's clipped tones held a world of censure and anger, but it was the hurt behind them that spoke to Macie, and meant she held back the angry words bubbling on her tongue.
These were Kaylom's parents, and they must be as worried about him as she was. Every fiber in her body urged her to get out of this bed, and to find him. She sensed his distress, and it cut ribbons of fear into her heart.
"Where is he? I need to see him," she said, and tried to get out bed, but the room swayed, and she sat back down again with a yelp.
Instantly Lycille was at her side.
"That wouldn't be wise. You're not strong enough. The air is thinner in our dimension, and you will need to get used to it before you can storm off to see him."
"Aren't you forgetting one rather important thing, Lycille?" Arich interrupted his wife. "Kaylom is under heavy guard and will more than likely be executed for his crimes, so I fail to see why we are welcoming the cause of all his troubles into our home like some long lost relative."
Lycille sighed and looked as though she was going to say something, but Macie pushed herself to her feet, and after a hairy moment of almost falling flat on her face, she managed a few shaky steps toward Kaylom's father.
She glared up at him, and his eyes lit up in grudging respect.

"Kaylom is no criminal. He didn't do anything wrong. Why is falling in love such a crime? Are humans so below your attention that it makes it a crime to sleep with them? Or are we just there to be convenient sport for you Athurons? Good enough to fuck but not good enough to mate with, is that it?"

When your imaginary friend turns out to be real, there's only one thing you can do—have the best sex of your life.

Macie Johann's ordered world is thrown into chaos, when she is attacked on her way home from work. The muscle bound hunk that comes to her rescue would appear to be naked? Okay then, maybe she has hit her head a bit too hard, but then again no one else seems to notice him, and there is something very familiar about this guy. 

Blind from birth Macie has learnt to trust her senses, and they all scream at her to grab her chance of true happiness with the man, who makes her body and soul sing. Never mind the small fact of his not being human.

When their actions get Kaylom yanked back into his dimension to stand trial, Macie follows determined to fight for her man.

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As ever thanks to our host, the lovely Sandra Bunino, and do take some time to read the other teasers. Always a fun way to help you over the hump!

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  1. Hahahaha...She is feisty. Love the teaser and that cover just makes me hot. LOL

  2. That would have been my question, too. Kick his ass verbally, Macie! Great tease, Doris. :)

  3. Clever tease, Doris! I love the whole concept of Macie now meeting the parents of her imaginary friend. We focus on the fantasy man but rarely the fact he's got a mom and dad. Loved it and yes, that's a nice cover ;-)

    1. Yep, we all have family, don't we? :-)

  4. You go, Macie! And I agree with Carlene -- it's good to meet the dream man's family. Makes him a little more, ahem, real. :-D

  5. The cover snagged my attention from the moment I saw it! Now this teaser.... mmmmm. :)