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Hurray, it's Release Day!

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Taken by her Alien Warriors is here. I'm so excited to be able to share this story with you all, and I hope you love my Warriors as much as I enjoyed writing them. From the minute I typed the first scene I couldn't stop writing. Little did I know then, I would have a series on my hands.


Rescued by her Alien Warriors (book 2) was accepted last week and is scheduled for release on August 27th.
To wet your appetite so to speak, here is the entire first chapter. Enjoy - I hope.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, public exhibition, HEA]

The men of any species have needs…

Gemini Hudson has grown up, knowing the truth behind those words, but what happens when those needs pitch lovers against each other in a war torn galaxy?

Cirrion Warrior Zorran rescued a nine year old Gemini in a rare show of compassion. Twelve years later his slave has grown into a beautiful young woman which he feels inexorably drawn to. However, she is only human and too fragile for his dark desires. Desires he is certain he can only share with one man—his Drakan lover Ornack.

With Drakan at war with Cirrion the men's relationship seems doomed to failure. Giving Gemini to Ornack will fulfil their emotional needs in a way Zorran can't.

From the minute he sees her, Lord Ornack knows this female is the one woman who can complete their circle, because she loves Zorran as much as he does.

There's only one solution. Claim both his mates and damn the consequences.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Chapter One

It always started the same. The distant rumble of thunder, and then the gale force winds that shook the ramshackle building they called home. If you could call her mother’s place of employment home, that was. Still, the brothel in the worst part of this human settlement left on a dwindling earth was the only home Gemini had ever known. As her beloved mum frequently told her nine-year-old self, the male species of any race had needs, and they would take what they wanted, so why not make them pay for it.
There were plenty that simply took, and from the minute Gemini could hold a hunting knife and then the old-fashioned revolver that used to be her father’s, her mother had taught her how to use them to defend herself.
Theirs was a life lived on the edge, always waiting for the next landslide, the next earthquake to force their settlement to move again, or heaven forbid, a raid by either the Drakans or the Cirrions. The warriors of the enemy planets often collided on earth, and Gemini’s instructions were clear. Find somewhere to hide and do not come out no matter what happens. As the earth shook and female screams filled the air, a half-asleep Gemini hid under the bed. This wasn’t just the earth’s crusts realigning. A fierce battle raged outside, and judging by the guttural shouts of men, the heavy stomp of boots, and the giant shadows falling across her hiding place as the front of the building lifted away, one of the settlements had lost.
Gemini lost the grip on the ancient revolver, as a creature jumped into her room.
Humanoid eyes the color of coal set in a face that seemed to blend into the air around it zeroed in on her. Standing at almost the height of the ceiling, the Cirrion inhaled deeply, and Gemini shrieked when he grabbed her by the back of her nightdress and lifted her up into the air. He laughed at her attempts to kick him, and Gemini gritted her teeth and clutched the hilt of the knife, hidden in the folds of her night dress. The Cirrion held her too far away from him to do any serious damage with her blade, and he shook her as Gemini might have done a beetle.
Bile rose in her throat and she screamed when his forked tongue licked her cheek.
“No, leave her alone, you bastard. She’s just a child.”
Her mother’s shout as she jumped on the Cirrion’s back was followed by the glint of a knife and the alien’s roar of pain.
Gemini landed hard on the stone floor and she watched in horror as her mum’s body flew through the air, hit the opposite wall with a thickening thud, and slid lifelessly to the floor.
Screaming, Gemini dug her knife into the muscled thigh in front of her.
“You little bitch.”
Rough hands grabbed her, and the world went black as the ground shook anew.

* * * *

Gem woke up shivering and panting for breath, a scream stuck in the back of her throat. Twelve years and she was still reliving the night of her abduction in minute detail. When would it ever stop?
The ship lurched again as it hit the planet’s atmosphere and pitched her naked body against Zorran. He grunted in his sleep and flung one muscled arm over his forehead. Even in his sleep, her Cirrion owner, and the sole reason she hadn’t been killed on that fateful night so long ago, looked coiled for action. Her breathing slowed, and her panic subsided like it always did in his presence. In his sleep, his skin had taken on the shade of the blue sheets, and Gem suppressed a giggle. He looked like an overgrown Smurf. One of her most treasured childhood possessions had been a dog-eared book of the Smurfs that her mum used to read from at bedtime. The memories quickly chased away that blip of happiness, and Gemini swiped the tears off her face.
Tears never helped anyone, let alone on Cirrion. Seen as a weakness, they would only serve to increase any punishment due to her. On arriving at Cirrion, Gemini had learnt very quickly to keep her emotions hidden—to never show joy or sadness. Either one would mean a beating from the woman Zorran had appointed to look after her. The old crone was always careful to not hit where the bruises showed. Nonetheless, Zorran’s visits, infrequent as they were, had always been the highlight of Gemini’s stay on his home planet. As ridiculous as the notion was she felt safe with him, especially once she’d developed curves. The old crone’s beatings had stopped then—one couldn’t damage the merchandise after all—but torture of a different kind had started. As a trained slave, she would now fetch a high prize on the open market.
Gemini was physically still a virgin, but thanks to modern technology, she had been versed in all the arts of sexual seduction. Zorran had shown one of his rare bouts of emotions when he had found out. The old crone had vanished from sight, and Gemini suppressed a shiver at Zorran’s remembered fury. He never did explain what happened to her, but Gemini had heard the rumors. One simply did not cross Zorran. It was never conducive to one’s health, and it was the main reason they were even now hurtling through space.
Zorran had been afforded a special commendation from the ruling council for some feat in his war against the Drakans. Gemini wasn’t privy to the particulars, and she really hadn’t cared to know them. As his property, she was expected to simply sit naked by his feet and cater to his every whim. The other Cirrions had made her skin crawl, and she’d been only too glad to curl into Zorran’s thickly muscled legs, close her eyes, and pretend she was somewhere else.
More than once, Zorran had been offered an outrageous sum for her, and every time, Zorran’s hold on her had tightened and he’d growled at the bidder.
“Mine, not for sale.”
The way he said mine sent a shiver of need down her spine and a rush of moisture between her thighs, even though he had yet to touch her.
Gemini sat up to study him. Safe in the knowledge that he was still fast asleep, she let her gaze travel over his naked body.
As though he sensed her quiet perusal, his skin color changed until it looked as though he was a deeply tanned human. However, that was where the comparison to her own kind ended. His shoulder-length, white-blond hair hung dead straight and framed an angular jaw that never needed shaving. Apart from his head, he was entirely hairless and corded with thick muscle that bunched and released in his sleep, as he moved his hand. Scars covered the muscles, another testament to how he earned his living.
A whimper of feminine appreciation left Gemini when he used his large hand to grasp his cock. It hardened under his callused fingers, and a drop of pre-cum appeared in the slit of its thick, mushroom-shaped head.
The air grew heavy with his spicy musk, and Gemini used her own fingers to part her slick pussy lips and stroke herself in tune to his hand on his dick.
Zorran grunted and mumbled in his sleep. Words that Gemini didn’t catch, spoken as they were in his mother tongue, but her body reacted to the urgent need behind those words anyway. The movement of his hand grew faster, violent almost, and his heavy balls drew tight up to his body, telling her how close he was to release. Gemini rubbed faster and pumped the fingers of her free hand in and out of her desperately clenching cunt as she hurtled toward her orgasm.
As a thick jet of his cum shot in the air, Gemini bit the pillow to muffle her scream of completion, as her whole body shook in the aftershocks of one her most intense climaxes ever.
Being this close to him, hearing his guttural groans as he came, was the next best thing to actually joining her body to his, and her vivid imagination had no problems envisioning herself riding his thick erection.
Zorran stood at just under seven feet, and his cock was in proportion to the rest of him. Gemini would not be able to wrap her hand around it, were he ever to allow her to do so, which didn’t seem likely. He seemed determined to keep her pure and untouched. As noble as that protection was, Gemini was a woman now. A woman with needs, and she ached for his touch.
Alas, this current arrangement was just a front to keep her safe. Back home at Zorran’s mountain hideaway, Gemini was left to her own devices. In fact, she had spent more time in his presence this past week than she had done over the last year back on Cirrion, and it had only served to strengthen her infatuation with him.
Growing up, Gemini had spun childish dreams of Zorran being her knight in shining armor. He had rescued her after all, so surely he must feel something for her. Why else would he keep her?
That dream had taken a severe dent lately. Protective as ever, it seemed Zorran didn’t want her, but no one else was going to have her either. On the one hand this was a source of huge relief to Gemini. She could not imagine herself being intimate with anyone but Zorran. On the other hand, it left her sexually frustrated and heartbroken.
While she caught him watching her many times from under hooded lids, tension curling his muscles, he never once acted on the heated promise of his dark eyes. As a result, Gemini was in a constant state of horniness which attracted far too much attention from the other Cirrions. Were it not for Zorran’s position and his reputation as a fearless fighter, Gem had no doubt she would have been snatched from him and passed around as a pleasure slave.
Slowly, her breathing returned to normal, and with her body temporarily sated, sleep claimed her once again.

* * * *

Fuck! Zorran didn’t dare move, not trusting himself to not flip the delicious little morsel of soft curves and to sink his rock-hard dick into her sweet pussy. At first he’d thought it was part of his dream, and when it registered that the needy little mewls he could hear were not simply a figment of his imagination, he’d come so hard and fast he’d gone light-headed with the relief of it all. Hearing his little human reach her own pinnacle and the way she’d whispered his name as she rode the last of her spasms, before she dropped back off to sleep, had given him an intense power surge.
If he needed any more proof that he was doing the right thing by giving her to Ornack, what had just happened confirmed it. From the first moment he’d seen her feisty little nine-year-old self sink her hunter’s knife into her attacker’s thigh, he’d been fascinated by her. Terrified as she had been, her wide-set blue eyes shimmering with tears, she’d also shaken with rage, seemingly determined to seek revenge for her mother’s death. It would have been amusing to see what she would have done to Heldar, but the young pup had been under his protection, and as such, he’d stepped in to salvage what he could of the disastrous scouting mission.
Everything had gone wrong that night. They’d lost too many of the human females in the raid, and a fair number of Cirrions, too, as they’d fought the Drakans for the spoils of the settlement. In the end the Cirrions had won, but the costs had been high.
The little spitfire he’d yanked to safety had grown into a beautiful woman with curves in all the right places, and a shy smile that tore at the empty space where his heart ought to have been. When she fixed her expressive, long-lashed blue orbs on him, he didn’t see the revulsion he was used to seeing in females. Most shied away from the scars marring his face, and his abrupt nature. He was a fighter, and he fucked like one, too. Seeking a willing hole, male or female, was simply an act in recharging his power—nothing more, nothing less—or at least it had been until the day he’d come home and the little girl he’d left in Carina’s care had grown into a woman.
He could still see her now, emerging naked from the rock pool by his home. Completely oblivious of his presence, she’d stretched like a cat, thrusting her pert breasts into the sun as she’d settled to sunbathe. Carina’s shout for her had her scrambling into the long tunic that proclaimed her as belonging to his house. She’d thrown a look over her shoulder, and heat had flooded her alabaster skin when she’d seen him watching her. Another, louder shout from Carina had made her flinch and she’d scurried off. The sun had been in front of her, rendering the thin tunic transparent, and the sway and wobble of her generous ass had led to him jerking himself off right there.
Zorran’s fangs ran out at the memory, and he jumped off the bed to put some distance between himself and Gemini’s sleeping form. The glistening wetness between her legs called him to taste, to devour, and to claim what was his. The only other person in this entire fucked-up galaxy who’d ever called to him like that had been Ornack.
He could never be with him either. Ornack was the leader of his clan and a Drakan to boot. To associate with him would mean an instant death sentence should the Cirrion council find out, let alone the Drakan King, Yanos.
The Drakans were a dying race unless they managed to turn their fertility problems around, and no Drakan would be allowed to settle with a male lover, especially not a Cirrion like himself.
Gemini moaned in her sleep, and Zorran ground his teeth. His fangs broke through his bottom lip, and he tasted his own blood as he grew harder still. Despite having come a matter of moments ago, he was fit to bursting again, and he couldn’t even seek relief in one of the pleasure slaves on board ship. Gemini was supposed to be his fuck toy, and her protection would be blown to stardust, if it wasn’t believed he was using her every night.
Heldar would claim Gem in an instant, seeking revenge for the ragged scar and permanent limp she had left him with. Zorran’s gut churned at the mere thought of what depraved acts the demented Cirrion might force onto the fragile human. At just under six foot, she was taller than most humans, but compared to the Cirrion’s height and bulk, she was tiny.
And mine.
He snarled under his breath and squashed that errant thought. Cirrion was no place for Gemini. Ornack would be able to show her the tenderness she deserved. On his planet she would be cherished for the treasure she was, not just seen as a convenient hole to fuck and be passed around.
Gemini moaned in her sleep and spread her legs as she turned over. It gave him a perfect, if brief view of her puffy, pink nether lips, still dewy from her release. She stretched across and hugged his pillow to her with a small smile. The action made his chest feel tight and breathing difficult. He should move. Standing here, watching her sleep was not helping his current state of painful arousal. Zorran turned his back on temptation, and promptly froze as her hesitant voice wrapped itself around his limbs and held him in place.
“Where are we going, Sir? Will you please tell me?”
Zorran yanked a pair of soft trousers on before he turned around to face her. They did nothing to hide his state of arousal, and her blue eyes darkened when she noticed. She licked her lips and sat up straighter. Whether by accident or design, her posture served to show off her bountiful curves for his perusal, and Zorran swore under his breath. The most delightful blush stole into her face, and this time she deliberately let her gaze wander to his crotch.
“Can I help you with that, Sir? Please let me.”
She didn’t wait for his answer, just crawled off the bed and toward him. The lopsided action made her tits swing from side to side, and Zorran could not tear his gaze from the mesmerizing sight. What harm would it do to let her suck him off just this once?
This was just sex. He wouldn’t claim her, and it sure as fuck beat jerking off in the shower.
Before he could come up with any logical conclusion, Gemini had reached him. She ran her hot little hands up his legs and fondled his sac through the clothing. Gemini kissed the jagged scar crossing the eight pack that made up his abdominals, and the room spun as all his blood rushed to his cock. He hissed through his teeth when she pulled his trousers down, grasped his thick shaft with both her hands, and then licked across the top of his dick.
Her musk increased, and in the dim light of their cabin he could see her arousal slicking the top of her thighs. It pitched his own need sky high, and he wrapped his hands in her hair and yanked her down on his cock. Her eyes widened, but like the good little fuck toy she was trained to be, she relaxed her muscles and took him in until his dick hit the back of her throat. Feeling her gag and swallow rapidly, as the first jets of his semen ejected, released the dark beast in him, and he shut his eyes and fucked her mouth in earnest.
She whimpered and sucked and curled her fingernails into his thighs, when he yanked her hands off his shaft, and buried himself in the soft wet heat of her mouth again and again. The blessed relief flowed up through his balls and along his cock, and he flooded her mouth with his hot cum.
An intense surge of power shot through him, setting his skin afire, and he knew he would be flashing through all of the colors of the rainbow. Zorran growled low in his throat and collapsed back against the wall. He relinquished his hold on Gemini’s long, silken tresses. His claws screeched along the steel wall, and his human gasped against his wet flesh. The air felt cool on his dick until her hot little tongue set to work to lick him clean, and he risked opening his eyes. The sight of her knelt in front of him, her lips swollen, and dribbles of his cum mixing in with her saliva as it ran down her chin and into the valley of her breasts, made him want to pick her up and throw her back on the bed.
The shimmering emotion in her eyes stopped him from giving in to his instincts. He pushed her away and stalked off to the shower.
“I’m taking you to your new owner.” He threw the words over his shoulder, and when there was no response other than a sharp gasp, he had to turn around to look at her.
Gemini looked lost and small huddled on the floor, and a primitive sense of ownership grabbed him as she swiped his cum off her face.
The tears clinging to her eyelashes made his voice much gruffer than he intended it to be.
“I’m pleased to see your training wasn’t wasted on you, slave. Now go and clean yourself up and then dress in the clothes I’ll have brought to you. You should fetch me a decent price.”
And may the gods of all the galaxies forgive him for his lies and for killing the fire in her eyes.

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