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A hello from Shalea - Guest blog and GIVEAWAY by YA Author J.Lilley

Please give a warm welcome to J. Lilley. I'm delighted to have her back on my blog, and this is why...

That's my Teen daughter, who is a huge fan of the series, with her print copy that arrived this week.

Over to you Jo :-)


I have difficulty believing this week. Not only did I get my print copy of books 1-3 The Shalean Moon, (all under one lovely cover), But Accepted, book 3 came out as an eBook.

Look! Now is that not a great cover? To be honest each one in this series is special, and all designed by Mina Carter.

Accepted is about two male teens, trying to sort out their partnership. As one is human and one Shalean, it's not that easy. The fact there are people who want to bring down Shalea, by any means, adds to the complications.

Here's the blurb

Andy is Shalean and in love with a human, but had no idea how to make such a relationship work.

Sam has no idea that Shalea exists, only that he is fed up waiting for Andy to make the first move. Overjoyed to find his feelings reciprocated Sam starts seeing strange things.

Something is afoot and Andy seems right in the middle of it.

What Sam discovers rocks him to the core. But he is determined to fight for their chance of happiness. Human he may be, but as long as Andy wants him, they can face anything, can't they?


Sam was whistling as he left the school buildings. At last he'd decided to ask Andy straight out to go to The Cave with him. And he'd agreed—almost.

He'd admired and yes, fancied him for months, years, he amended silently. Ever since he'd accepted he was gay he'd known Andy was the one for him, recognized him as the one person he could be himself with. But Andy, macho, rugby playing Andy, had always seemed somewhat aloof. Friendly up to a point, helpful, chatty, but always keeping part of himself hidden.

Then within the last few weeks, Sam has sensed a change in Andy. Almost he thought, as if he had made peace with himself. He'd become more open about his sexuality, actually saying out loud to a crowd of classmates that yes of course he was gay, and so what? And then winked at Sam!

So, nothing ventured, and all that. So he'd ventured, and now, well, way to go, I've got a date —almost.Hopefully Andy would confirm it the following day.

And if he doesn't? Not even going to think about that.

Typical, trust me to leave the car in the furthest corner of the car park. And it's raining and shit…what? No way… no bloody way.

Sam blinked. Nothing. But he's bet his next try at rugby there'd been a fox in front of him. But what a fox. If that's what it was. Silver, and…nah, had to be a dog. You're losing it. The thought of going out with Andy, and you're losing it. Gotta be a dog.

As he got into his car and drove away, he could have sworn he'd seen eyes glinting at him from the bushes. But these eyes were not the color of a fox, or most dogs for that matter. Big bright, piercing blue, like the flash of light from a glacier on a summer's day, they stared at him. He blinked.

Nothing. Just the rain on the windscreen, the wipers passing monotonously over it.


A person on the pavement caught his eye and he pulled up, and opened the window.

"Hi Aibhlinn isn't it? It's Sam. Sam McIlwain, I'm in your class. Do you want a lift anywhere? You're getting soaked."

The person turned, and looked at him, the hood of her coat slipping as she moved , uncovering her long pale hair. As she stared, her eyes seemed to go straight through him, and Sam shivered. Then she spoke, the soft Scottish accent refreshing, and as she spoke she smiled, and her face lit up.

"That’s kind, but no need, my mum will be here in a second. I'm just walking to meet her at the corner."

In the rain?

"Well do you want me to drop you off there?" he asked. She looked cold, and the rain was spiking her hair, darkening it; drops running down her face and onto her coat.

Then her eyes flashed, frosty and unfriendly. Gone was the seemingly friendly girl of a few seconds before. Instead now there was a stranger. One who was looking through him.

And again, weird. Those eyes!

"No thank you." She didn't even smile but walked on.

Okay, here's your hat what's the hurry. Mentally shrugging, he put his car in gear, pulled up the handbrake and…where the hell has she gone?

So have I got your interest? I hope so…There's another three books to come to complete the series. Or does it?

One lucky commenter within a week, will have the chance to own their very own ecopy of Accepted

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  1. Congrats! You deserve every success xx

  2. THanks Jorja, I love writing these books, and It's all down to Doris and Rach

  3. I'd really like to have this! I'm always on the hunt for new books.