Sunday, 5 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday from Lover Unexpected

Happy Sunday everyone :-)

Today's six are another little snippet from my F/F short, The Dating Game. 

Lover Unexpected releases August 10th!

In this scene Tirath interrupted her friend Rosie, sculpting in chocolate. What follows is inevitable really...

She licked her lips at the rapidly spreading damp spot on Tirath’s thong, the urge to taste her properly suddenly paramount.
Tirath’s eyes widened when Rosie took the jug with the remaining warm chocolate and with a wicked grin poured it over her lover’s quivering abdomen. Tirath hissed her arousal when the rivulets of chocolate seeped into her lacy thong. Her hips bucked off the chair and Rosie slid to the floor until she kneeled between her friend’s thighs.
“Hold onto the sides. You’re in for one hell of a ride, babe.”

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