Friday, 10 August 2012

Far too much excitement for one day! Celebrations and GIVEAWAY

I am buzzing today, and I've only had two coffees so far, but, really, how much excitement can I get in one day!

First off, Hubby and I are celebrating 23 years of marriage today.

That was us on a day much like today. Only I woke up to pouring down rain. The pictures outside the registry office have us all hiding under huge umbrellas, lol. It did clear up in the afternoon, for the official pics as you can see. Not that either of us cared about the weather. I can honestly say I have never smiled so much in one day as I did on our wedding day. My face hurt by the end of the day.

We had a very small do and had the reception at a friend's house. That pic up there was taken in her garden, but to us, we had each other, and that's all that mattered. That's pretty much been our motto all though our marriage. As long as we have each other, we can face anything.

That's not to say it has all been roses, and smiles. This is not a romance novel, it's real life with all its ups and downs and curve balls, and wobbly bits. *wink*

We've had highs and we've had lows in those 23 years. We even came close to divorce once when our first two kids were little, but one thing we always knew. We loved each other, and life is just not right when we're not in sync. We're both strong personalities and polar opposites in some aspects, peas in a pod in others. No one makes me laugh harder or gets me annoyed faster than my hubby! In any given day I could quite happily kiss him senseless and hit him over the head with a frying pan, lol, but life has never been dull since I met him. He's my best friend, my lover, father to my kids, and I would be lost without him. You will also find a little bit of him in every one of my heroes.

Yes, I married an alpha male, and boy oh boy, they are so not easy to live with. But just like the heroes in my stories, I know he would do anything for the woman he loves. On the other hand I never can get him do anything he doesn't want to do, and that's perhaps one of the things I love most about him. He knows what he wants and will pursue that goal with a relentless determination.  25 years ago, when we met, I was that goal, and just like the heroines in my novels, the outcome was inevitable. Resistance was futile, and all these years and nine children later, it still is when he decides to go all Dom on me, as it were...


Now, before I get too soppy, let me share the other exciting news. I have a book release today. Lover Unexpected is now available to purchase.

I am running a contest on the Nuthouse Sribblers to celebrate the release of The Dating Game, my contribution to this fab Anthology. So, do pop over and tell me what you value in your best friend to be in with a chance to win a copy. I will pick a winner on Sunday :-)

And last but by no means least, Lure Of The Blood is now available in print on Amazon!

And just because I can and to celebrate that fact I am giving away a signed copy of Lure of The Blood right here on my blog. Again, winner will be announced on Sunday.

So help me celebrate and comment!

TTFN xxx


  1. Happy Anniversary, Doris! And congrats on the book xx

  2. Congrats on 23 years, and of course congrats on the book release. Delighted to be snuggled between the covers with you - just don't tell your hubby. I'm a bit scared of him now ;)

    1. Pmsl, Lucy! Erm, yes, he doesn't share, so best not, eh ;-)

  3. Happy Anniversary Doris! You know I really want a signed copy.

  4. Congratulations all round! I've been meaning to get my hands on Lure of the Blood for a while, so this would be even better ;)

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  7. What an adorable pic of the two of you, Doris.

    Happy Anniversary and many, many more.


    Note: Had finger problems on previous comments, my apologies.

  8. Thanks again, all who commented. The winner chosen by is Alison :-)


  9. Hurrah! Thank you so much :)