Sunday, 19 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday from Living The Dream

We got cover art this week for the Just Vamps Anthology, so today's six are a hot snippet from my story, Living The Dream - a Vampire Ménage. This Anthology will release in October.

When the two drop dead gorgeous men who hang around in the shadows at the orphanage decide to walk Bianca home, she has a rather interesting night...

Bernhard claimed her mouth in a breath taking kiss, and Archie trailed open mouthed kisses along her leg. He nipped a path along the jagged scars with his teeth, leaving a delicious tingle in its wake that completely obliterated any leftover pains in that leg. Bernhard took the kiss deeper. He drank from her mouth as though it was the sweetest nectar, their tongues dueling together in an ever more passionate dance, whilst his hands roamed her body, and slowly pulled the dress off her shoulders until her breasts were exposed in their lacy bra. He broke the kiss and ran his knuckles over her nipples. Hard little nubs of sensitivity they chafed against their confines and Bianca moaned when Archie reached up and pulled down the bra cups.

Told you it would prove interesting ;-)  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and do check out the other authors here.