Sunday, 12 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone,

I thought I would do something different today and will be sharing six sentences from my current wip. It's a paranormal Christmas story, with the working title of For The Love Of Mutt.

In this scene the heroine Anja has escorted the newest arrival to the homeless shelter to the showers. She should have left him to it, but there is something strangely familiar about this man. She is drawn to him in ways she cannot explain. This is the moment when she realises why.

Please note this is completely unedited.


And still, she couldn't bring herself to move. Washed free of the grime she could admire the powerful angles of his face. His shoulder length hair stuck to his skin and his full lips partially hidden by his goatee opened in a fanged smile. A smile she had seen countless times in his other form.
The room spun and this time Anja couldn't hide her gasp, when he opened his eyes and he stared straight at her. Mutt's golden eyes glowed and the man's growl travelled across the distance separating them, as he grabbed a towel and stalked towards her.


Till next week folks and do check out the other Authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday here.

Have a great Sunday, folks :-)

D xx


  1. WOW get this finished, i want more

  2. Holy hotdog! Yeah, I want more of this too. Doesn't matter this was unedited. This is an intense and surprising six!

    1. Glad you liked it. These two keep throwing me curveballs, but we're getting there :-)