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Guest Interview with Debut Author Yazmin Subha

I am incredibly excited to have a very good friend and talented new author Yazmin Subha on my blog today. Her debut novel, Wildfire released last Friday and you're going to love it!

So without further ado, let me probe Yazmin with my nosy questions :-)


Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. Hi Doris. Firstly thank you for having me on your blog. About me…hmmm  I am a mother of two teenage children and wife to a hardworking man, who puts up with my netbook constantly on my lap. My job takes me away from writing for four days of the week. I love reading books from different genres and enjoy a opening a bottle of red wine with friends.

Q. What made you write ‘this’ story?

A. LOL. Well it started on one bored evening when I was chatting online with my Critique group, UCW. All the ladies seemed to be talking about their current WIP and I was just saying how bored I was. Cherie Nicholls, who is a fabulous author, set a five hundred-word challenge to include a carwash, a dress and a stranger. That was the start and once my friends read it they demanded more which eventually became Wildfire.


I remember that evening well :-)

Q. Tell us about your cover.

A. I love my cover. It was created by Victoria Miller at Breathless Press and shows Millie in the arms of Braden and there are hints of a Vampire bite on her neck. The ability to create fire is part of Millie's gift, which links to the title as well.

Q. Describe a typical day’s writing for us

A. I work four days of the week, which is great but also a nuisance when I have a story in my head.  I try to write after dinner, homework done and 'mum's taxi' is finally parked. Usually my best days for writing are when I do not work. I sit in bed and write, whilst chatting online, checking emails and catching up with news from my writer friends. Sometimes I get a lot done, sometime not much but I try to keep going.

Q. What inspires you?

A. The success of the ladies in my critique group, who I am honoured to call friends. Some are aspiring, some newly published and other who are multi published. They celebrate with me in the 'ups' and keep me going in the 'downs'.

I know just what you mean. They're a great bunch of ladies!

Q. If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

A. Bored!


Q. What could not do without when you’re writing?

A. Tea, music, chocolate and wine.

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

A. Read everything, get involved with a crit group who can advise and cheer you on and keep going. Write for yourself and because there are stories in you, not just to be published.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

A. Filthy rich after a hugely successful series of blockbuster books!
Err…okay, enjoying life, having more time to write and living life to the full.

Lol, well you may well be!

Q. Do you have a favourite quote?

A. Raven McAllan once said to me 'Write as you can, not as you think you should.'

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

A. LOL, constantly! I think I saw an interview with Nora Roberts who said something like, write through your block, because you can always go back and improve, but you cannot improve what you have not written. I try to do that or console myself by eating chocolate.

Q. What other books can your readers look forward to?

A. My first ever story 'Logan's Captive' is now part of an anthology called The Blood Bar Chronicles, book 3: The Enforcers. This should be out later this year through Breathless Press and a Free Read short story for Breathless press, called 'Unlimited' in a collection written by The Nuthouse Scribblers called 'With Love From Val and Tyne'  is available now.  I have a story in an anthology called 'Eclipse of the Blood Moon'. My contribution is called 'Gypsy Butterfly' and the anthology is published by Evernight Publishing later this year.  Also I have a book recently contracted with Breathless Press called 'Guardian Awakening'. I am hoping this will be a series of three, the second of which is written in draft form so far.
As for other…well watch this space!

Q. And finally can you share an excerpt with us?


One taste and Braden knew Millie was the one.  Considering their tormented history, this fiery witch would rather die than give herself to a vampire.

Braden has searched all his life for the one who will help him regain his humanity and give him absolute power. One bite and he knew Millie was the one he had been searching for. Millie, a fiery red head is the last one in the line of high born witches who would rather die than give herself to this vampire. After all he killed her mother for her blood as well, didn’t he?  But in a twist of fate Millie learns too late what the truth is. But will death be the only thing that unites them?


She was slight, her curves meshing against him as though they belonged next to him. She continued to wriggle her lower half trying to get out of his arms. Only the friction awoke the fierce passion residing underneath his skin, and his cock hardened.
"Be still my wild fire, it will be easier." Braden spoke in a low tone directly into her ear. He caught the smell of her hair and could not resist burying his face in the mass of red curls. He groaned with need. Need for blood and need for her.
His voice soothed her anxiety and he felt her stop trying to get out of his arms. Her heart beat slowed down, eventually matching his own. Synchronised again, Braden kissed the back of her head. Enjoying the feel of her silky hair in his face, he bathed in her curls. Moving the curls away from her neck, he bent down, opened his mouth, and sucked the skin on her neck. She tasted of nectar, his very own personal brand.  His head screamed to bite, to taste that rich blood he had sipped last night in the car wash. But the man in him wanted her to be willing, to take her as she reached the height of orgasm as she had nearly done so in the car wash. This time he would be inside her, not just pleasuring her with his hands.
His mind came back to the present as he felt little shakes coming from her, and he realised she was crying.
Her little voice wobbled and she gave a sob, "don't hurt me, please."

Now, doesn't that sound great?

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  1. Great interview, and fab excerpt!

  2. I love the 'If you were not a writer what would you be...bored!' LOL