Sunday, 2 June 2013

#SexySnippets from Under Orders (week 3) #delicioustorture @evernightpub

Happy Sunday, lovely people. I hope you're making it a great one! I bring you another seven sentences from Under Orders, which released on Friday.

Be warned this is a hot snippet!


His growled words hit too close to the mark, and Anna frantically shook her head.
“Yes, no, I mean …. Fuck.” All coherent thought fled her befuddled brain when he took the elastic of her thong between his teeth and pulled. The lacy fabric bunched inside her slit, exerting pressure on her clit. He moved his head from side to side creating friction against that bundle of nerves, and Anna gave herself up to sensation. Her head fell back, and cool air hit her swollen folds when the fabric finally gave way with an audible rip.

“So wet for me, so responsive, little one.” 

Blurb: Who ever heard of being ordered to wear vibrating panties to a business meeting? The visiting CEO may be sex-on-legs-gorgeous, but Anna knows a sexual harassment case when she sees it. No one is going to order her to entertain Jonathan Symmonds—no one but her own body it seems.
Jonathan proves a hard man to resist. When he reveals his secret identity, this daughter of a slayer ought to be running for the hills not play submissive to his dark side.
Will passion and a shared past be enough to keep them together, or is their bond doomed to end at the stake?

Be Warned: bondage, public exhibition

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