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Interview and 'Scavenger Hunt' with @CRMoss Sunset Temptations #1NS @DecadentPub

I have the lovely CR Moss on my bog today. Today is her first stop on her Sunset Blog Tour, and I've pinned her down to answer my nosy questions.

So glad to have you here, Chris.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! Thanks for having me here today, Doris. :) And readers, thank you for joining me on the first day of the “Sunset Tour & Scavenger Hunt.” My name is Chris, and I write under the names C.R. Moss for erotic and mainstream romance and Casey Moss for mainstream dark fiction (horror, suspense, urban fantasy). My professional bio for C.R.: “An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities when it comes to love.” The tagline on my website and social media says ‘Love & Lust in the Wild West’. And how does that line fit in? Well, for one, I live in NV. Two, my stories take place, either in part or in full, in and around the Las Vegas area. In fact, even my website sports “a look of home.” The background picture was taken in an area just a few miles west of Las Vegas and happens to be the inspiration for the setting of the Double D Ranch Tales saga. So, what do I write? Basically, I pen stories from the light and sweet to the dark and deadly with varying degrees of sexual heat.

Q. What made you write ‘this’ story?

A couple of years ago I went to a convention and met the lovely ladies of Decadent Publishing. While a group of us were sitting around and talking, information about Decadent’s 1NightStand line of books came up. The concept sounded interesting, and I told them I’d send in a story. I had already started on a book that I thought I’d target to a different publisher and their line, but I re-purposed it for the 1NS series. Thankfully, the first story, ‘Sunset Desires’ was accepted and from there followed ‘Sunset Seduction,’ the release I’m touting today: ‘Sunset Temptations’ and the fourth book ‘Sunset Heat’ is in the editing queue. The ‘Sunset’ series follows four female relatives on their dating adventures.

Q. Tell us about your cover. 

It’s hot, isn’t it?! It has the colors of the sunset, the three main characters of the story, and a true depiction of the location of the story. ‘Sunset Temptations’ takes place at a Mt. Charleston hotel that’s located on the way up to the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. (Yes, there’s a ski resort here.) The setting at the bottom of the cover is a picture from Mt. Charleston.

Q. Describe a typical day’s writing for us

First thing I normally do is check email, then I’ll check Facebook. Next I’ll get to my writing projects. When I’m working on a story, I’ll reread and do editing on the parts I haven’t edited yet to catch myself up. I’ll make the font a color other than black to keep track of what I’ve already gone through. Then I’ll write the new material. If I’m starting a new project, I do an information dump and outline as much of the story that’s in my head first thing. Then I work off the outline, fleshing out all the ideas and stuff as per above. [The Day 1 ‘special word’ is C.R. Moss. :) ]  But then, when I'm really focused on a project, I tend to just plough through it and focus only on getting it done...staying up late writing, getting up early and getting back to the story, eating when I think I can get away from my ‘desk’ without ruining the flow... I say ‘desk’ because sometimes if it’s nice outside, I’ll grab my notebook and pen and either sit on my patio, or go to the pool, and write. The house and social life suffers, but I’m a slave to my art. :)

Q. What inspires you?

I get ideas from everywhere…conversations, news headlines, television, songs. On occasion I’ve been known to pull from my old careers and the people I’ve known, drawing out tidbits of personalities for characters, places for settings and information to assist with subject matter—for example, using the basis and background knowledge of energy work that I learned in the massage field for paranormal stories I’ve worked on. I love using the places I’ve lived in and visited as the settings.

Q. If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

I’ve worked as a massage therapist, real estate agent and as an office admin/executive assistant. Most of my choices in life have revolved around my goal of becoming a full-time fiction writer and being published. Writing is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. It’s like breathing and eating. It’s intrinsic, a must do or I’ll go crazy type thing. I’m an author in my soul. But, if I had no choice and couldn’t be a writer, I’d probably fall back on what I’ve done in the past.

Q. Do your characters ever surprise you?

Yes. There was one story I wrote where a sibling decided to sacrifice herself for her sister. That was an emotional situation for me to write and surprised me that she’d go to that length. That story is currently unavailable but is in my queue to be re-worked and find a new home.

Q. What could not do without when you’re writing?

Pen and paper. Even if I’m writing on the computer, I still need those items nearby in case I want to jot something down real quick. I also have to have internet connection when I'm writing. It's amazing how much I'll get on the net to check little & big things to make sure my story is rolling along all right.

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

Learn the craft, from grammar to story building and everything in between. Adhere to the rules for a while. Once you do that, then you’ll understand how and when to break the rules and really let your creativity thrive.  After learning the craft, start promoting yourself before the first story is picked up/published. And if you’re going the e-book route through e-book publishers, get two or three places under your belt right away. If you’re doing the independent route (or e-publisher even), perhaps finishing two or three books first before you send book one out to the world would be a good idea. This way you don’t have to rush in starting to build a back list and can space out the publications of the ones you already have done while you work on more. But on top of knowing about writing mechanics, learning about marketing and promotion and getting that going is just as important.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

I’ll have books published ‘traditionally’ and be on the big name best sellers’ lists. I’ll be able to support my family and household and have disposable income for fun stuff through my writing earnings.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote?

“This too shall pass.”

Snap, that's one of mine too!

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

On occasion, yes. Which is why I like to have stories in various stages of completion. This way if my muse isn’t giving me anything new, I can go work on something else and just do editing or proofing or something.

Q. What other books can your readers look forward to?

Like I mentioned above, I’m currently revamping an out-of-print series and will be looking for a new home for the sci-fi/urban fantasy/erotic romance stories. My writing partner and I also have several more Double D Ranch Tales in the works. One is a short story (about 12k right now) that follows one of the wranglers and a night he spends with a feisty woman. Then there’s the full length we’re writing which follows the antics of the gang. And, we have two more novellas that we’re currently working on. So lots of good stuff coming up! :)

Sounds fab!

Q. And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

Excerpt from ‘Sunset Temptations’ ~

     Butterflies and nerves paired up in Kiran’s stomach and danced the rumba. Not long now. He checked his appearance and outfit one more time. His thick dark hair stayed gelled in place. Black suit jacket and pants were lint free from what he could see in the mirror’s reflection. Crimson tie lay flat against his crisp white shirt. He retrieved the flower from the refrigerator and attached it to the lapel. With a deep breath, he left his room.
     On the way to the Shadscale Bar, he stopped outside the Mesquite Ballroom. Volunteers stood behind a table with a spinning drum that reminded him of the ball mixer at bingo games. After verifying his name and attendance, he filled out a card and popped it into the bin. His wish? To have enough money to make good on his extreme loan and be able to pay for a new place. He somehow had to make it up to Ivy for his stupid mistakes.
     After he arrived at the bar, one of the servers led him to a private table in the back corner. He sat facing the entryway. Moments later, a waiter brought over a plate of white cheese balls with tomatoes and thin slices of meat.
     “I don’t think this is mine,” he told the man. “I haven’t ordered anything yet.”
     “It’s on behalf of Mr. Bourbon. When you finish, I will bring you the soup. He will join you for the rest of the meal. He wanted you to get started.”

(For the next part of the excerpt be sure to visit tomorrow’s stop on the tour!)

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Thanks, Doris, for having me on your blog today, and thank you, readers, for stopping by!

You're very welcome, Chris, and what a fab idea this scavenger hunt is!

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