Tuesday, 18 June 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - Stay

Time to tease you all again :-)

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Stay here with me.
The words she would never say bounced around in her brain, threatening to destroy this last moment they had together. She burrowed in closer instead, as close as it was humanely possible to be, and she breathed in his very essence. Fingers curled into his jacket, she squeezed her eyes shut to hide her tears. He didn't need to see her cry. She could do that later, when his last memory of her wouldn't be marred by useless tears.
He pulled her closer still, his need to touch as desperate as hers. Hands fisted in her hair, he rained kisses on her forehead, branding her as his. She'd always be his, no matter where he was.
"I have to go now. They're waiting for me."
She slid her hands inside his jacket and hugged him close.
Damn the rules of time and space.
"I know," she whispered and his body tensed under her fingertips. Muscles bunched and then released, as he stepped away.

The hint of a kiss brushed her lips, and he was gone. Amy shivered in the rush of cold air, his departure left behind, and she turned her back on the disappearing portal.

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  1. Excellent piece very well written and very heart wrenching

  2. I love little treats like this as a reader! Thank you - amazing emotion in so few words.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Heather. :-)