Wednesday, 23 October 2013

#MWTease from Taboo (Crimson Rope Anthology) #Spanking #BDSM

I thought I'd tease you all with a hot little punishment scene from my story Taboo, which is part of  The Crimson Rope Anthology, coming very soon to Evernight Publishing.

Joshua is coming to terms with the fact that his best friend's daughter is not the innocent girl he remembers. He's just rescued her from a scene going wrong, and she's earned herself a punishment...


She had said the wrong thing somehow, and a ball of misery landed in her tummy. She risked another peep up at him and immediately wished she hadn't. Judging by the white knuckled grasp he had on the riding crop, and the rigid way he held himself, Josh was utterly furious. Their gazes connected and she sat spellbound and utterly unable to move. Only Mistress had ever been able to demand her utter obedience with just one look before, but right now, every fiber of her being waited for Joshua's next move. She didn't even dare breathe for fear of breaking the spell. She was finally on her knees in front of him, so aroused that her juices trickled past the elastic of her bikini bottoms. Her breasts felt heavy, the nipples so sensitive that the slight air movement created by the air conditioning seemed to chafe, as the buds hardened to the point of pain under his silent scrutiny. When he did finally move, she exhaled her pent up breath in a big whoosh and Josh smiled grimly.
"I'm sorry, Sir." The apology tumbled out before she could stop herself, and Joshua frowned and proceeded to tap the crop against his leg.
"For what?" The terse question sliced through the air almost like the crack of a whip, and Lucy tensed.
"I've displeased you somehow, Sir. That was never my intention, but…" She stopped to take a deep breath, and she blinked the unwanted tears away.
"Don't stop now, girl. I'd really love to hear, why the sweet girl I thought I knew, turns out to be a kinky little slut." She jumped when he threw the riding crop across the room. It bounced off the heavily padded wall, and skittered across the floor, and Joshua swore.
He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head.
"Fuck, this is wrong on so many fucking levels. Get up, Lucy. Let me take you home, and let's pretend this never happened, because seeing you like this, all I want to do is bend you over my knee, spank your insolent ass raw and then fuck you until we both can't see straight, and that … that is never going to happen."
He bent to grab her by the arm, but Lucy shrugged him off.
"No, I will not get up and leave, damn you. If you don't want me then I'm sure there are plenty of willing Doms in the club tonight to help me scratch that itch. I simply… ow."
The tug to her hair hurt—really hurt and excitement coursed through her veins at the grim determination on Joshua's face. He dragged her up by her hair, and over to the bed. Before she could even blink, she was face down on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. The hand in her hair kept her down whilst the other yanked off her bottoms and then delivered a set of open handed swats to her ass that made her blood sing with heated excitement. The sharp pain set her butt on fire, as he spoke to her, each word accentuated by another swat to her ass.
"You. Will. Do. No. Such. Thing. The. Only. Person. You. Will. Scene. With. Is. Me. Are. We. Clear. Girl."
By the time he stopped spanking her, her ass was a red-hot mass of stinging sensation and his ragged breathing matched her own.
"Jesus, Lucy." He released her and then sat down and pulled her onto his lap. She clung to him, cocooned in his embrace, the heavy, and rock solid evidence of how much this whole scene had turned him on, also, a dizzying presence under her throbbing ass cheeks.
He framed her face in his hands and she lost herself in the heated concern she read in his toffee colored eyes.
"Promise me, you will not play with any of them out there. You could have gotten hurt tonight. That wannabe had no idea what he was doing, and I would never forgive myself if something happened to you."
"Maybe I'm looking to get a little hurt?" She couldn't help but test him a little more, his reaction too close to all her fantasies come true to be real.
Sure enough his expression grew forbidden again and her pussy spasmed in need, and she curled her hands into the silk of his shirt.
"You're playing with fire, here, Lucy. I'm trying to do the right thing by you." His gravelly tones washed over her, and she tugged on his shirt, desperate to run her hand over his skin, free of any barrier. He didn't let her, of course. His eyebrows rose and he stilled the movement of her hands by grabbing her wrists.
"Please, Uncle Joshua, let me."
His groan in answer was the sexiest sound ever and he closed his eyes and crunched his teeth together.
"We can't do this, pet. Your father would have a heart attack if he knew you were here, let alone here with me."
The way he said pet just made her more determined. She so wanted to be owned by him, taken, claimed, used, and branded, and fuck what anyone else thought.
"He doesn't need to know," she said. "I'm not the precious little girl that he needs to protect. I haven't been for a long time. I'm a woman with needs and desires, and right now I want you."

So, what do you reckon? Will she get him?

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  1. That was a good, hot scene & yeah, I'm wondering if she'll get him. thanks for sharing! :) Casey

  2. That was awesome! I can't wait for the book to come out.

  3. Wow! What a riveting scene. Well done, Ms. O'Connor! *bows*

    Thanks for teasing with us!

  4. Holy guacamole ma'am! Also I can't stop thinking of his toffee colored eyes. Loved that little bit too, amidst all the other smoldering stuff in this tease!