Sunday, 27 October 2013

#SexySnippets from The Housewife and the Film Star #possessiveAlpha @evernightpub #bdsm

Happy Sunday, folks. It's time for another sexy seven and today Sven shows his possessive side to a would be suitor's of Sylvia. They're at Timmy's end of school concert, and Sven has just made a very generous donation to school funds to ensure Timmy's continued scholarship. Harry, her sister-in-law's choice of husband for Sylvia objects to this. Well, wrong move!

No one messes with Sven's woman and her kids, not on his watch....


"On the contrary, Peggy, neither you nor Harry seem to grasp the concept that Sylvia and I are lovers and I. Do. Not. Share. Harry, do you get that?"
 The poor old headmaster's strangled cough in response had a just returned Timmy, laden with a plate full of cupcakes, slap the man on his back to help him breathe, and Ruby giggled and whisked him away again.
"Well, look here now, gentlemen, remember this is a school."
The headmaster's attempt at conciliation was being ignored by the two men locked in a silent battle of wills. It was just as well Sven still held onto her, otherwise, she was sure he'd have planted a fist in Harry’s face before now, and his next words were pure ice.

"Of course I shan't stop you from making a donation to school funds, if you still feel the need to do so, now that you know it will most certainly not get you into my lover's knickers."

When international movie star Sven Larsson meets young widowed mom of three, Sylvia, the sexual chemistry between them is instant and explosive—and plastered all over the papers. Sven needs to repair his damaged reputation. The last thing he needs is another scandal, but the Dom in him can't resist the challenge Sylvia represents.

Having survived an abusive marriage, Sylvia is not looking for another relationship, let alone a kinky one with a man of Sven's reputation. Her submissive side can't help but be drawn to him, especially once she gets to know the man behind the public image. She can't help but fall in love with the private, broken Sven—even if he doesn't do love.

With the paparazzi breathing down their necks at every turn, and past demons raising their ugly heads, will they ever be able to find happiness?

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking


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