Tuesday, 22 October 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - The Cave

I have a chilling tale of warning for you today. Never enter the cave....

The dampness made her shiver.  Bright sunshine just visible at the far end of the cave the only reminder of the hot summer's day she left behind.
Now, beads of perspiration were replaced by the cold sweat of gut wrenching unease. The breeze that had enticed her to step into the welcoming coolness now wrapped her in its icy fingers.
Never enter the cave.
The childhood warnings mocked her. Her breath frosted in front of her face.
"What have we here?" The deep tones right behind her made her spin around … to thin air. Yet she knew she wasn't alone. She could sense his presence, his coolness seeping into the very marrow of her bones.
"A maiden as fine as ever I did see. Tell me, sweet child, what brought you here?"
"I'm not a child!" Her voice echoed around the cave and chilling laughter was her reply.  "Who … who are you. Show yourself."
The rush of air took her breath away, as a man appeared in her vision. An angel, a ghost? Surely, he was too beautiful to be real.
He smiled, showing fangs dripping in blood, and her world tilted.
"Not a child, but mine now."

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.

D xx 


  1. Chilling and frightening. "Don't go in the cave" There was a reason she shouldn't have entered. Loved the pace, descriptions and dialogue.

  2. Excellent dark tease, perfect for this time of the year

  3. Loved it, Doris. I especially loved the sensory descriptions, the contrast between the heat, the coolness, his presence non-corporeally and then visibly...just great.

  4. Definitely chilling piece here Doris. Wow! I actually loved it.

  5. oooh and appropriate for the holiday season

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  7. 'As her world tilted' - I like that. Thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of the link between childhood fears/legends and grown-up realities - it such a classically spooky setting. Roll on Halloween.