Sunday, 13 October 2013

#SexySnippets from The Housewife and the Film Star #carsex #bdsm @evernightpub

Happy Sunday, folks. It's time for those Sexy Snippets again, and there is only story I can take these from. The Housewife and the Film Star. I've completed second edits and I've got a release date: October 21st!


So, without further ado, here are your Sexy Snippets.  Sven and Sylvia are on their way back home from a rather fraught dinner  at Sylvia's sister-in-law's house, and Sven decides that Sylvia needs to relax a bit. He has a rather unique way of achieving this...

"Hands behind your back."
The inherent command in those few words meant she complied immediately, and a renewed gush of her juices aided his questing digits as he slid another finger inside her, and used his free hand to grasp her wrists behind her neck.
"That's my girl. Ride my fingers."
With reckless abandonment she rocked her hips to and fro, the delicious tingles building into an inferno of need. His harsh breaths in her ear matched her own, and when he added a third finger and pushed in deep, that need exploded into spirals of bliss, and her body went limp as her orgasm took hold.
Sven caught her moans in his kiss and then released her with a satisfied grin.

"Easy, baby, I don't want George to have an accident."

I haven't got a cover to share yet, but I do have the unedited blurb.

When International movie star Sven Larsson meets young widowed mum of three, Sylvia, the sexual chemistry between them is instant and explosive, and plastered all over the papers. Sven needs to repair his damaged reputation. The last thing he needs is another scandal, but the Dom in him can't resist the challenge Sylvia represents.
Having survived an abusive marriage, Sylvia is not looking for another relationship, let alone a kinky one with a man of Sven's reputation. Her submissive side can't help but be drawn to him, however, especially once she gets to know the man behind the public image. This private, broken, Sven she cannot help but fall in love with, even if he doesn't do love.
With the paparazzi breathing down their neck at every turn, and past demons raising their ugly heads, will they ever be able to find happiness?

This releases October 21st with Evernight Publishing


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  1. Very hot! And who is George?!


    1. Lol, as it's you I tell you ;-) George is Sven's driver/bodyguard/friend.

    2. Oh! Bet he see's some sights! ;) x

  2. Hot dialogue in a delicious snippet. Where's my fan, lol. :)

  3. Ah, Sven... ;) Entertaining snippet!

  4. Congrats on the upcoming release, Doris! And hot snippet!

  5. Nothing like a nice relaxing ride home! Why aren't my car rides like that??
    Very sexy snippet!