Friday, 2 May 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - Privacy #FFF

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Today's picture proved somewhat of a challenge. I hope you like my effort :-)

Every drop of precious water that hit his skin sizzled, and soothed the ache in his soul. Living amongst the humans came at a price, and the privacy of his bathroom was the only time he could let his true nature show. As his tail formed, he let his head fall back, and he breathed in the precious scent of his kind. The extortionate amount he'd paid the cute market stall assistant had been worth the delivery of fresh fish.
A knock on the door interrupted his slumber.
"I forgot the last... Oh."
Now wasn't this an interesting development.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)
Till next week, folks.

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  1. Wonderful flasher. He has some explaining to do

  2. And.....????
    Damn, you do this every time...leave me wanting more.... ;)

    1. Lol, that's it, Susie, I'm afraid! One day I might tell his full story.

  3. Awesome Flash. I want to know what happens next. :) Def have me hooked. :)