Wednesday, 7 May 2014

#MWTease from Let's Get It On - WIP

Happy middle of the week, folks. I thought I would tease you from one of my current WIP's, which I think will be a BDSM Menage. I say think, because my muse is playing this one close to her chest.

I can tell you the protagonists, though. Lily is the waitress in lust with her boss, Sloan, who happens to have an older brother. Cyrus likes to stir things. What he doesn't expect though is to fall in love with Lily...

That's the idea so far, and this tease is taken right from the start of this story. This is a first draft, so excuse any mistakes, please.

Closing time had never been so much fun. Her feet might be killing her, and she'd had to endure countless gropes and lewd comments thanks to her outfit, but Sloan had finally taken notice.
How many times had she fantasized about being sat on this counter with Sloan between her legs, when she was wiping up yet another coffee spill? His stubble created shivers of anticipation against her skin, as his large hand grabbed her thigh and grazed her slit.
"Another one sleeping on the job, I see. You certainly know how not to pick your staff, bro."
Lily struggled awake, and the waves of pleasure coursing through her system evaporated with the last few notes of Marvin Gaye's soulful Let's get it on as the juke box ground to a halt.
Shit, shit, and triple damn it all to hell and back.
The man towering over her wasn't Sloan, and he had a perfect view up her skirt. Heat rose in Lily's cheeks when it dawned on her what must have happened, and she hastily shut her legs and tried to pull down the hem of her far too short dress. She'd fallen asleep in the staff room, whilst on shift, and not only that. Judging by the damp crotch of her panties and her splayed legs, she had been pleasuring herself in her sleep. That certainly explained her dream and the smirk on this man's face. So much for attracting Sloan's attention, instead…
"What are you doing in here, Cyrus? I told you to wait in my office, and… oh."
Sloan entered the room, took one look at her and frowned. Her humiliation was complete, and this stranger was still stood right over her. Taller and broader than Sloan, there was no mistaking the family resemblance, now that her brain cells kicked in. This had to be Sloan's older brother and owner of this chain of American Diners.
"Leave Lily alone, Cy. She's been working double shifts, and besides it's closing time in five anyway." His frown deepened when his brother didn't move, and Lily's stomach flip flopped widely when Sloan looked at her properly.
Starting at her heels, he ran his gaze slowly up her legs, and she once again tried to pull at the hem of her dress. The ghost of a smile kicked up his lips, and she froze, when his gaze lingered there. By the time he reached her face and she forced herself to look him in the eye, she was a nervous wreck.
"What happened to your uniform, Lily?"
The curious edge to his voice sent shivers down her spine and she had to clear her throat to get her voice to work.
"I-I… well, that guy spilled his coffee all over me earlier and … urm."
Cyrus snorted in amusement as she stuttered her way through an explanation and failed miserably. She was too aware of Sloan, and Cyrus, too, who now sat down next to her and threw one long arm over the back of the settee and stretched his long legs out in front of him. The action brought with it a whiff of his expensive cologne, and the underlying scent of virile man.
From the perfectly polished Italian loafers, to the expensive tailor made suit, that accentuated his muscled physique, this man exuded confidence and raw sex-appeal, that had her body respond to him against her will.
She barely suppressed a whimper, when Cyrus leant in and whispered into her ear.
"Liar. We both know you've dressed that way to get his attention. So, the question is, now that you have it, what are you going to do about it?"
He pulled back with the most sinful grin ever and then stood up and slapped his brother on the back.
"Mind if I help myself to some coffee, whilst you hash this out with Lily?"
Before either of them could say anything, Cyrus shut the door behind them and left the two of them alone.
An uneasy silence fell between them, and for the second time in the last few minutes Lily wanted the ground to swallow her up.
"I should go and help Martha close up." She mumbled the words under her breath, and in her haste to scramble to her feet, and not flash more of her wares at Sloan, her heels slipped sideways and she stumbled.
Sloan grasped her and pulled her upright, and she mumbled her thanks, as her hands connected with his chest. Try as she might she seemed utterly incapable of taking her hands off of her boss. The simple tee emblazoned with the diner's motive clung to his pecs, and this close to him, Lily got a hint of his scent. Spicy, earthy, with a trace of sweat from his earlier shifting of supply boxes, his pure male essence had her body tighten in need, and behave like a love sick teenager.
Lily knew she was being pathetic. Lusting after one's boss—who did that? Especially when said boss never looked at you twice and was nice to everyone. She was making a fool of herself, and the fact that Sloan still held on to her, seemingly as reluctant to let her go as she was to step away from him, didn't mean a thing. He was just being courteous. That was Sloan all over, after all.
"I feel I ought to apologize for my brother, Lily. I don't know what he said to you, but pay him no heed. He likes to play games, and I'm afraid you're just his type."
When she didn't respond, he sighed and ran his hands up and down her arms in an almost absent minded gesture. It did nothing to help Lily regain her equilibrium. This close to him she was too aware of him as man, and far too aware of how little she wore, and how wet she was.
So, it had been ages since she last got laid. That didn't mean she had to practically throw herself at her boss, did it now? Lily straightened her spine and fixed a smile on her face. She failed miserably at making that attempt convincing judging by the way Sloan's hold on her arms tightened.

"I knew it. He said something inappropriate, didn't he? I'll fucking deck him this time."


Cyrus is about to get a whole lot more inappropriate, lol, and I have no idea, as yet, what Sloan will do about that.

And just to add some spice to it all, these two hot guys are the inspiration behind Sloan

and Cyrus

Lucky Lily, eh? Those damn heroines have all the fun ;-)

As ever thanks to the awesome Sandra Bunino for hosting the Mid Week Tease. Do check out the other fab authors. I always have such fun reading through their teases.

D x


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