Sunday, 11 May 2014

#SexySnippets from The Takeover (Executive Assistant Anthology) @evernightpub #comingsoon

Happy Sunday, folks.

I'm switching gears today, and bringing you seven sentences from my story in Evernight Publishing's upcoming anthology Executive Assistant.

Here's the blurb for my little tale.

Takeovers always cause chaos, never more so when the friend you've been secretively lusting after for months, chooses that day to suddenly notice you, and then promptly gets himself sacked.
Maybe it's the formal wear the new CEO insists on, but Shane seems like a different man, and Emma's long pent up desires threaten to get her into as much trouble as Shane seems to have landed himself in.

As secrets unlock and office politics come into play, is there a happy ending for Shane and Emma, or will this takeover end with a broken heart?

In these seven, Emma is called into the office to meet the new CEO ....


Shane looked up when she walked in, and Emma was grateful for the cover of the files she clutched to her bosom. They would at least serve to hide her embarrassingly obvious response to the heated promise in his gaze, as her nipples did their usual ‘try and punch a hole through her bra and poke eyes out’ act. There was nothing at all she could do about the moisture coating her pussy lips, other than clench her thighs and pray they didn't want her to sit down, or hang around. This close to Shane, her body just had one thing on its mind, and that was to jump the man's bones.
Why today of all days, all the pent up desires she'd been hiding chose to break through the surface and make themselves known to all and sundry was beyond her right now.
Just get through the next half hour without embarrassing yourself in front of the new CEO, and you'll be fine.
The mantra in her head flew out of her brain when the new owner of Langton Enterprises turned around and smiled at her.


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.


  1. Lovely sense of her interest in him. I'd like to see more of these two together.

  2. Another one set to scorch the office tables I'm sure. Great snippet.

  3. Sounds like it is going to be uncomfortable/distracting meeting. ;-P

  4. Ah yes, those times when nipples take on a life if their own. Disgraceful. Lovely snippet though

  5. Oh boy! What happens next!! Nice!