Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cover reveal and Giveaway winner

First things first, congratulations to Judy Hubbard, who won a copy of Too Hot To Handle in my release day giveaway. Hope you enjoy reading it :-)

I'm also incredibly excited to be able to reveal my cover for Goldie And Her Bears.

I love it! It encompasses my naughty tale well. *cough*

I have just completed first edits for Goldie and all I will say is. "The bears made me."


This is the first m/f/m menage that I have written and I have quite surprised myself, how much I enjoyed writing it.

I leave you with a little teaser. Be warned it's HOT!

“Jesus, Goldie—safe word.” He framed her head with his hands and the tenderness she saw warring with lust and ruthless determination in his once again golden eyes blew her away.
He blinked and Jacob laughed from his position at the bottom of the bed.
“Oh you have no idea how perfect that is, sub.” Jason smiled and Goldie smiled right back at him, happiness suffusing her at that moment, before the first swipe of Jacobs tongue made her eyes roll back in ecstasy. Jacob licked her slit to clit, one finger hooked into her anus and she would have bowed straight off the bed, restrains notwithstanding, had Jason not pushed her hips back down on the cushion. He kissed her deeply, reiterating his demand for her not to come. She nodded through gritted teeth, even as her body bucked and climbed along each rung of exquisite torture, each swipe of Jacob’s oh-so-talented tongue represented.
Jason’s smile turned wicked and he kissed himself down her neck to her breasts, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. His warm hands massaged the aching globes, and Goldie screamed when he bit down hard on one swollen nipple. Jason soothed the sting with his hot tongue and sucked strongly. He murmured his approval, his hot breath on the stiff nub making it thrust into the air even more. He repeated the process to the other one, until Goldie was literally sobbing incoherently. Jacob eased his frantic lapping at her pussy and inserted two more fingers into her forbidden passage. The sharp pain brought her arousal down a few notches and Jason kissed her again.
“Easy, my sweet girl, this next bit will hurt, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.”


  1. oooooooo. Wowee!

    Love the cover, Doris.

  2. love it Doris! And I seriously love Goldie and her bears!

  3. Beautiful cover! Loved the excerpt. Best of luck, Doris!

  4. That cover is gorgeous!! Congrats Doris! And the excerpt - *fans self*

    Cannot wait to read this.

  5. Thanks Gayl :-D

    It is the hottest story I've written to date I must say...

  6. Whew! -fans self- The cover is delish and the snippet was enough to make me want more!!

  7. Yey, So glad you like my snippet DeAnna :-)

  8. Sounds very enticing, Doris. Can't wait to read it!