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Meet Lady Hermione Missenden - Interview and Giveaway

I'm bringing you something different today - A Character Interview - Meet Lady Hermione

Trussed up like a Christmas Turkey, I have jumped into my time machine to travel back to 1814 to interview Lady Hermione Missenden, the heroine of my good friend Raven McAllan's new book To Please A Lady, which releases today!
And I tell you one thing, the things I do for you people – these darn dresses aren't all that comfortable to wear.

*adjusts corset for the umpteenth time and glances up at the butler, watching her out of the corner of his eyes*

Oh dear, he doesn't look amused with me. Do you think he knows I'm pretending and shouldn't really be here? I do feel a bit like a fish out water in this drawing room, waiting for Lady Hermoine. I wonder what she'll be like in person.

*glances at her notes*

Hmm, It says here she is a lady of independent means. Guess she'd have to be to afford all this without being married. Oh here she comes now.

*sits up straighter and breathes a sigh of relief, when the lady smiles*

D: Thank you so much for seeing me and agreeing to this interview, My Lady. Raven's readers will appreciate this chance to get to know you better.

H. It's my pleasure Doris. By the way, you really need to tie those strings tighter on your chemise. Gives one a much more sensual look. And there was no need for a corset… Look, I don't wear one.  My men wouldn't stand for it. Which is lucky, because actually (leans forward to whisper) They don't fit into this era.  They look like torture to me. But that apart, may I say I admire your dress? That color suits you. It matches the chaise, or should I say the chaise compliments it?

*blushes the same colour as her dress and indeed that darn chaise*

(Great, I'm a trussed up beet root red turkey. See, that's why I'd never fit in in here. Where are my jeans? Just smile Doris and ask your questions...)

D. Thank you You have a lovely home. I was admiring it whilst I was sitting here. It can't be easy to run a home this size?

H. I have a very well trained and understanding staff. Without them my life would not run nearly as smoothly.

D. I understand you are a lady of independent means. Could you explain what that means, for the benefit of our 21st century readers?

H. (laughs) I have money of my own. I'm not dependent on the charity of my brother, nor do I need to be married.  In fact to my brother's disgust, my fortune, thanks to my godfather, is somewhat larger than his. It allows me a certain degree of independence and leeway.

D. So, one could say your situation is unusual?

H. (smiles) Well yes, I suppose you could. Unusual in more ways than one.

D. I get the impression you like being unusual, Lady Hermione.

H. Oh definitely. I have never conformed to what society decrees. My life is just that, my life, and I'll lead it as I think fit.

(I knew there was a reason why I liked her and made this trip.)

D. Can you tell me what drew you to Lord Langlosh and Lord Raykes?

H. Apart from their bodies and minds?  They make me wet just with a glance. Seriously, they are both unselfish, unself-conscious, kind, caring, and interesting. And Incredible lovers.

D. And you don't mind sharing?

H. OH no. Not at all. We three are as one now. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without both of them in it.

D. What, if anything have you learnt from your lovers?

H. Ohh so much. How to share, how to enjoy and explore each other, separately and together. How to be myself. Please don't think I flaunt my individuality in the ton, I do not want to be totally ostracized, but Berry and Ran have helped me come to terms with that aspect of our lives, and shown me how to deal with it. I never knew just how many anti-chambers you could find at a ball suitable for, well (colors) you know.

(I smother a smirk at that. I can just imagine!)

D. Do you have a favourite?

H. No, how could I?  they have the knack of knowing what I want when I want and er, how I want it.

D. What has the reaction of the ton been to your unusual living arrangements?

H. We try to be reasonable discrete, and still have our separate households—in theory. The ton is very much of the idea, if you don't flaunt it, it isn't happening.

D. What do you think the future will hold?

H. It's funny you should ask that, we were having the discussion today, before you came, whether we should let you know our secret. So just for your ears only (leans forward and whispers into Doris' ear) So you see, there's so much to look forward to. Perhaps you can give me some tips?

*blushes beetroot red again and clears her throat*

(I think it would probably be safest to ignore that comment and no I can't tell you what she said, Raven would kill me!)

D. Thank you so much Lady Hermione. This has been most enlightening.

H. And for me as well. Tell me, for how many years did they make women wear that rather uncomfortable contraption you have on? You look like a trussed turkey. We in the ton don't even wear pantaloons. They're considered rather fast. Personally I think it's a story set about by men, because it would be one more layer for then to have to delve through on their way to their goal. I'd take them off. Oh and don't mind the butler. Dorris is actually Berry's Major-domo. I borrowed him for the day, to impress you. My butler has earache, and he's been sent to bed with oil of cloves and an onion in his ear.
And thank you for taking the time to come and see me, please come again. Next time perhaps you'd like to meet my men? Or we do have a friend or two who would be very pleased to meet you.

*blushes again*

I have to clear my throat repeatedly before I can say my goodbyes and I dash out of there before I give in to the temptation to take her up on her offer to meet those friends.

*reminds herself that she is not one of her heroines - cough*

Back out in the fresh air, I breathe a sigh of relief to be away from the disapproving stare of that butler.  The butler named Dorris.... Hmm, I will have to have words with that Raven!

So, there you have it. Fascinating woman, Lady Hermione. To find out how she fares with those two rakes of the ton, do read her story.

Now, where did I park that machine again?

Raven has kindly agreed to a Giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment and follow Raven's Blog. The winner will be announced in a weeks time on her Blog and will receive a Pdf copy of To Please A Lady. 

When your lovers are lovers themselves, and want you to help them make the perfect triangle, what do you say? Persuade me of course!

Unconventional, and happy, Hermione is in the enviable position of having not one, but two lovers to attend to her every need. That her lovers are lovers themselves, only adds to the equation.  Berry and Ran feel it’s time to make all their various twosomes, into one splendid threesome. Now all they have to do is persuade Hermione!
Being men, they are too impatient to wait for her answer. Being a woman, she isn’t going to be pushed, shoved or coerced into saying anything until she is good and ready. Patience is a virtue, and one her men needed to get.

For now, here is an excerpt.

Excerpt and buy link   

A sudden hard slap on her rear added to her jubilation. The sting, the soothing hand that followed, the way it swept aside the silk covering of her gown, before elegant fingers traced around her anus, made her draw breath. She heard the soft sibilated, “Ah, yes.” As she was spun around full circle, hands caressing as they spun her, her nipples, her breasts, her pussy, all fondled as they were skimmed and swept over. She could feel the brush of fingers on her sensitized skin as the ties across her front were loosened. Regardless, her arse was caressed, her silks slithering gently over her sensitized body. 
A thought drifted into her mind, took hold and made her act. How could one man’s hands be in so may places at once? Impossible! Firmly she took hold of the two hands at her ties, and held fast, still feeling those that were softly stroking her arse. How dare she be used so.
“I think not. My Lord Stray, remove your hands also. I did not ask or desire the two of you here tonight, neither will I countenance it. My Lord Rakes, if you do not desist from attacking my ties, my knee will attack your groin. Hard. Your choices my Lords. My choice is to be unmasked.” Unfortunately, but in no manner would they cuckold her so.
She waited, her foot wishing to tap in its anxiety. Her eyes were uncovered and she blinked in the candlelight.
Then her foot did tap. With anger. “As I thought.” She regarded the two male forms standing in front of her, one tall and dark with saturnine grace, the other fair as any angel. “You seek to try  to trick me my Lords? Into what may I be so bold to ask?” She looked from one to the other. “What gives you the right? Forsooth you are both aptly names Stray! Raykes! Either fits.”
Neither man spoke. 
“Cowards also? And to think I have given my body to each of you freely. Allowed you to enter me with those craven cocks. I despair of my intelligence. And that of you.” Still she waited. “No response? Then I suggest you leave my bedchamber and I will service myself. More trustworthy and satisfactory.”


  1. Hermione is one naughty lady. ;)

    Happy Release day to Raven!

  2. Happy release day Raven!!!

    Looking forwrd to reading the new book.

    Love you xxx

  3. Hi! This sounds like a great story. I love character interviews, you get a little taste of what the character is like. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of this book.
    I am following both blogs as: GFC-June M.
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  4. I love how she keeps putting these two men in their place! I read another excerpt of this story and it was fabulous. What a fun interview! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. :)

  5. Such a fantastic interview. Really enjoyed getting to know Hermione. Can't wait to read the book now to see what trouble she gets into ;-)

  6. A lady with two gentlemen? What ever is a lady to do? What a great book to add to my TBR.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping on by. Lady Hermione is one fascinating lady! Wishing you lots of sales Raven and good luck everyone in the Giveaway.

  8. and thank you from me and Hermione. She is somewhat too preoccupied to stop by herself. SHe did say she hoped Doris had ditched the corsets!
    I had great fun meeting her, Berry and Ran, and telling a little of their story.
    check out next friday to see who gets the book, and check it out on 11th for a glimpse into the fascinating life of Alex Giovanni. Doris let me have a wee chat to him.