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An Interview with Gray Reynard from Taken Identity by Raven McAllan

Today I bring you an interview with Gray Reynard, who readers will meet in Raven McAllan's latest tale Taken Identity.

Here's the BLURB:

What do you do when a drop dead gorgeous man turns up on your doorstep, demanding his wife? Who, it seems has stolen your identity? Find out why of course.
When Gray Reynard turns up on Jules' doorstep expecting to find his estranged wife and finds her instead both are surprised. Especially as the air between them sizzles. But before they can do anything about that sizzle they need to find out what is going on. Or so they think.
But life doesn't always pan out as you want, and Jules and Gray have to decide whether to work together or walk away from what they are feeling.

Taken Identity releases today through Noble Romance


On to the interview.

Wow, I knew he was handsome, but looking at him in person is something else entirely...

I shift on my chair, as Gray's full stare settles on me. Damn he is downright gorgeous and looks good enough to eat. Raven always snags the best heroes.

Concentrate, girl! Ask your questions! Stop drooling!

D. Gray, do you mind if I call you Gray?

*he smiles and I forget what I was about to say for a minute*

Oh my!

G Not at all, hello Doris

D. I understand you lost your wife at the beginning of the book?

G. (His Eyes narrow) More like she lost me… on purpose.

D. What went through your mind, when you first saw Jules and realized that she wasn't your errand wife?

G. Damn I wish she was.

D. Was there ever a point where you thought you wouldn't solve the mystery?

G. Not really, but it was bloody frustrating, in more ways than one at times. Jules is everything I ever want in a woman— present company excepted— and she was so snippy with me. Rightly so, I may add. I was somewhat, well her expression was 'up myself'.

D. What do you like most about Jules?

G. What don't I like? She's feisty, independent and damned sexy. Gives as good as she gets—and more.

(I silently swoon.)

D. Are you a man easily crossed?

G. Not at all, I wouldn't stay in business long if I was.

(He leans forward.)

That's why this whole business threw me. I was taken for a ride and was not at all happy.

D. Do you bear grudges?


D. Just yes?

G. Just yes. I'm a firm believer on revenge is a dish better eaten cold. Though I do believe I've mellowed since I met Jules. She says life is to short to hold grudges, I guess she's right but…


(I sure wouldn't like to cross him in a bad way)

D.  What's your favourite …err…position?

G. (WEG)  Ask Jules.

There's a knock on the door and Jules pops her head round.

J. Did I hear my name? Hi I'm Jules.

 (shakes hands)

Ask me what?

D. Oops, er Your favorite position.

J. (She laughs.)  Well I quite like it when…

G. Don’t you dare.

They both laugh

(I clear my throat.)

D. What does your future hold?

G. Well if you read the end of our story, you'll find out.

D. Do you think you'll ever mislay Jules?

G. No chance, she's er almost chained to me.

 (There's that WEG again)

D. Before I let you get back to Jules, can you solve one mystery? What exactly do you do for a living?

G. Thank you for coming and goodbye.

J. Gray, play nice.

(The look he gives her could set the room on fire, smoldering is an understatement)

G. I always play nice.

(Jules goes the color of her hair, which is red by the way)

D. (guess that means he's not going to tell me) Anything else you'd like to add Gray?

G. Remember, it's not always wise to delve too deeply into things that don't concern you.  It can be dangerous, ask my ex wife. And non of it was her fault. Now, we've been lucky all of us, but it could have all turned out so differently.

D. Thank you so much for your time. It's been a pleasure interviewing you!

G. It was my pleasure, you're lovely to talk with. Now I'd better go and help Jules, she's got a deadline, so I'm holding the fort, so to speak.

(Kisses her on both cheeks)

*sighs to herself and watches that to die for butt walking away*

So there, you have it. Gray Reynard, businessman extraordinaire. Now go read the book and see exactly what Jules and he get up to. That woman has all the luck!



Raven is offering one lucky commenter the chance to win a PDF copy. All you have to do is leave a comment and follow Raven's Blog. Raven will announce the winner on her blog in a week's time.

I leave you with an excerpt


"Bedroom? Or, on the other hand, are you happy if I now start taking your clothes off, and make love to you on the rug? Because frankly, I’m holding on by a thread here, and it’s a very fine thread, and threatening to snap at any time." He stopped speaking suddenly. "Bloody hell, Jules, protection. Not expecting to need any, I only have one condom in my wallet. And that's been there so long, it's probably perished. Is there a chemist near here? Or a pub with a helpful machine in the loo? Or even a service station?"
Jules couldn’t help it. She giggled. That made her body move against his. The look of anguish on his face should not really make her chuckle, but knowing just how she could erase it, had her in stitches.
"Well the motorway services are only about 30 miles away," She gasped, in between laughs." And the co-op stays open until ten. But no need. I was a Girl Guide and I’m always prepared."
The kiss he gave her was heartfelt. And heart stopping. Jules returned it, felt their tongues meet and mesh, felt his hand following the contour of her body, mapping it for future use.
"Where?" He asked raggedly.
 "Bedroom, in drawer. Bathroom, in cabinet, kitchen, probably."
"Bedroom then, now. Please!" he moved both hands to her waist and helped her to stand. Without his support, Jules knew she'd fall. Her legs felt as if they belonged to someone else.
"Which way?" Gray’s voice was clipped, his tone urgent. As he followed her towards the door, she felt his erection, hard against her bottom. It was all she could do, not to turn round, take the initiative, and have him on the floor. Only the thought of not having a condom handy stopped her.
"Up the stairs, second left." Although she moved in the general direction of the stairs, she couldn’t resist moving backwards, just a bit, into his body, so his erection pressed more firmly against her body. It felt good!
"Cruel," He responded, as his body tightened even more. His arms went around her, anchoring her against him, as walking steadily stair wards; he brushed his hands gently over her breasts, as his mouth explored that sensitive area around the nape of her neck.
Right, Jules thought as coherently as she could. They needed to move. She had no intention of their first time together taking place on the stairs. Later maybe, but not this time.

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