Monday, 23 January 2012

Cover reveal and Giveaway winner

This post has a distinct feeling of deja vu about it :-)

I'm sure I did a post like this a week ago!

*big grin*

Congrats to Tammy Ramey, who won a copy of my latest release Too Hot To Handle in the giveaway on Lorraine Nelson's blog. Enjoy my sexy Italian.

Onto my new cover.

Isn't it pretty?

Little Miss Frigid Knickers is my contribution to this Anthology and I'll leave you with a little, unedited teaser.

“No. You can’t be serious.” Her voice wobbled and her eyes grew bigger still, when he just smiled and nodded. “I can’t ride a motorbike in this skirt.”
“You can and you will, sweetie. Now come on. ”She tried to dig her heels in, when he grabbed her hand and he raised one eyebrow. “Unless you want me to spank that pretty ass of yours right now, get moving.”
“You wouldn’t dare, I’m not one of your, your playthings. I’m not into that stuff.” But even as she said the words, her breathing got shallower, her nipples bullets against his chest and he leant in closer.
“Liar!” He growled the words and she swallowed visibly, backing away from him. Before she could protest further, he grabbed her round the waist and swung her over his shoulder. The breath whooshed out of her, when she landed her to die for butt next to his face, and he ground his teeth as the scent of her arousal filled his nostrils. One arm firmly anchored behind her knees, he used his other hand to deliver a stinging swat to her exposed butt cheek and her struggling ceased. He massaged the sting away, his hand lingering on the soaked material barely covering her pussy. Oh yeah, she was getting wetter by the second.
“That’s better. You move again and the next one will hurt. Understood?” He felt her nod against his back, even as she mumbled under her breath. “I can’t hear you. Do you understand me, Summer?”
“Yes, dammit.”
“That’s yes, Sir!”
She groaned against his back and he tightened his hold on her ass until she whimpered.
“I’m waiting, Summer.”
He held himself perfectly still, sensing the fight in her, even as the renewed moisture under his hand told him exactly what her body craved, whilst her mind struggled to accept it.
“Trust me, sweetie. I know what I’m doing.”
She went completely rigid and he slid her off his shoulder slowly to see the expression on her face. The sensation of her curves sliding against him was pure torture and she gasped when he settled her pussy against the steel like cock straining his flies. Her pupils dilated to such a degree that her expressive eyes turned almost black and her hands slid up his chest slowly. Her teeth worried her bottom lip and he itched to take that plump lip between his own teeth and taste her. But he forced himself to stay still, as her hands travelled up to his shoulders and into his hair. She stared up at him, her whole body trembling, and the rush of protectiveness he felt had him grind his teeth.
When she finally spoke her voice was a mere whisper.
“Don’t hurt me, Sir.”

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