Monday, 2 January 2012

Guest blog - Natalie Baum

Please welcome Natalie Baum to my blog today.  Make yourself at home Natalie :-)

Hey Everybody,
Natalie Baum here…I know, I know, Natalie who? Give me one second and I'll explain that and so much more! First things first…big thanks to Doris for hosting me on her site. I really appreciate it! I hope you receive ten-fold gratification in return for your helpful generosity. Now onto business…
Although I'm not new to writing I am new to writing romance and erotica stories. My latest title, Chicago Adventure, is the first book in the Callie Mallory series, was released on December 22,2011 and is available at Noble Romance Publishing.
Enough with the nuts and bolts of the situation though…boring…I want to take a few minutes and introduce myself. I like to think I have a fun, interesting life, even if only when seeing the world through my characters' eyes. Thankfully, my characters scream pretty loudly making it impossible for me to avoid their desires and demands.
Not very nice, the way you're talking about me like I’m not here!
Case in point, my spirited, opinionated, adventurous current leading lady, Callie Mallory.
A little better…but hello! You forgot beautiful, sexy and savvy-smart!
Savvy-smart? I don't even know what that is.
Exactly, but I do.
Did I forget to mention that Chef Mallory is also mouthy, excessively independent and a bit neurotic?
If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black? You wrote me.
Indeed I did, and with that in mind I will now once again take charge of this interview.
I have to take my ham out of the oven, anyway.
Perfect timing, Chef Mallory. But before you go why don't you tell our readers what type of glaze you used on your holiday ham?
I love glaze! It's the perfect texture to rub all over your partner's body. Start by instructing your lover to take off his shirt and roll over on his stomach. Use your fingertips to gently massage the glaze into his shoulders and then lean forward, your lace-covered breasts hovering inches above his bare skin, and take your time licking him clean inch by inch. 
Chef Mallory! How does all that sex have anything to do with the recipe?
Clearly, your kitchen isn't half as hot as mine, Ms. Baum, if you have to ask that.
Well, one of us has to work to keep the heater running in our apartment in the winter. 
I create my own heat.
Yes, I know, all those sexy suitors you meet on your travel adventures. They all want you and can't control themselves when around you. Can we just move on to the ingredients, please?
As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, you only need a few ingredients to make a delicious ham glaze.
  • 1 cup apple butter
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1 tablespoon dried onion flakes
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
And once you return from the market with your edible goodies, just do this:
** Whisk together the apple butter, orange juice, dried onion flakes, and Worcestershire sauce in a small saucepan. 
One of my favorite things about this recipe is that after you've turned your stovetop burner to low, the sauce needs to simmer until it thickens. This wait period offers the perfect chance to baste another part of your lover's body with left-over apple butter and suck it off—
Inch by inch…yes, I think we've got it Chef Mallory. Thanks for the unsolicited tip! Off you go. 
So bossy…
No! You just don't listen unless I completely cut you off.
Bossy, bossy, bossy…
Listen up readers: DO NOT listen to Chef Callie Mallory. Natalie Baum is not bossy!!!
And you talk about yourself. Who talks about herself in third person?
If you want to hear more from this sassy vixen, visit my fucking website,, or go to Noble Romance and check out Callie Mallory Chicago Adventure. 
Ooohhh! You said fuck, maybe we're making progress, after all?
Is that your sauce burning, Chef Mallory? I think I see it bubbling.
What? No. Burnt glaze doesn't coat cock properly.
Thanks again, Doris—you totally rock! "Happy New Year" to you and all your readers! I hope I get the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you more personally in 2012.
Hugs and Kisses,
Natalie (And Callie!!)


It was a blast to have you both here. Do come again, Natalie and I may have to try out that glaze, you know...

*whistles innocently*

Callie Mallory is one saucy chef. She likes her produce the way she likes her men, fresh, fresh, fresh! Debuting as a premier culinary TV show host certainly offers its perks in this regard. Live audience interaction gives Callie the opportunity to decide who she plans to fondle first…her tasty organic ingredients or the hungry taut men clamoring for her attention. Traveling from city to city every week the scenery is never boring and the tantalizing company she encounters along the way makes her glad she’s a woman. Tune into “Organic Chef on the Go” and join this fearless bombshell as she embarks on culinary adventures that span the globe, arouse the senses and heighten physical pleasures. 

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Natalie's bio

Natalie Baum enjoys cooking up a hot tantalizing experience in the kitchen as well as a salacious storm of a sexually satisfying story. Her sensually pleasing tales stir the senses and heighten physical awareness. She calls NYC her home, however equally enjoys traveling the U.S. conducting hands-on research, discovering mouth-watering recipes and writing erotica and romance books. Get ready for adventure, intellectual stimulation and a randy sense of humor as you follow this curious vixen from city to city reaping voyeuristic benefits that tantalize the mind well past the last page. 


  1. What a hilarious post! And your book looks like fun too. Wishing you all the best with its release.

  2. OOo love the sound of that!! and congrats on the publication!!!!

  3. So funny! Like the character already!

  4. Happy New Year, everybody! It's so funny...when I was writing Callie Mallory Chicago Adventure I had so much fun it almost seemed wrong. Having said that, it never occurred to me that one of the benefits of creating that spicy vixen would be making a whole bunch of new friends who appreciate her as much as I do. Thanks of all the good wishes. I return the same to you and hope you all have wonderful adventures in 2012!