Monday, 30 January 2012

Release date for Goldie

As the title says I have a release date for Goldie!

March 30th


So, naturally I had to shout about it.

Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well. What do you get? Lots of delicious fun.

When Goldie Lockwood receives an explicit note, signed by none other than the man she fell head over clit in lust with on first sight, there is only one thing she can do – obey.  After all she is dying to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the exclusive BDSM club.
Having his Goldilocks pounced on by his brother and sister had not been in Jason Stanhope's plan, even if the little human's responsiveness blows the triplets away. Porridge, chairs, beds, she tries them all.
But, can she be the sweet sub they need? Or will Goldilocks live up to her name and run away screaming?

(blurb is unedited and may change)

And as I'm feeling generous and I know you will want one, here's an excerpt

Three pairs of identical, heavy-lidded, chocolate eyes settled on Goldie, and she backed away nervously, until her back bumped against the steel door. The coolness seeping into her back served to confirm that she was indeed here and not in her cozy bed, having the most erotic CEO dream ever.
“She’s not our sub, Jacob. She’s mine!” Jason ground the words out through gritted teeth.
Jacob whistled under his breath, and Catalina narrowed her eyes. Jason, however, advanced toward Goldie with the lazy, long limbed gait she’d admired in the office. Unlike at the office though, all his attention was focused on her. Goldie’s body reacted with embarrassing predictability. Her nipples puckered against the thin satin of her dress, and she clamped her thighs together to stop the renewed rush of moisture from trickling down her leg. He stopped so close to her that their thighs touched. She dropped her gaze to escape the intensity of his, and settled it on the intricate tattoo on his left shoulder.  She hadn’t gotten a close look at it in the office but, now she could see it was two bears entwined. The image would have been extremely erotic, had it been two humans.
Her body lit up under Jason’s intense scrutiny and when he leaned down and inhaled deeply, she closed her eyes again. For some reason that really turned her on.
“Thank you for following my instructions so exactly. I hope you had a pleasant journey here.”
His deep baritone washed over her senses, and she nodded. His smile of approval showed through the light kisses he dropped on her cheek, and she turned her head, desperate to taste his full lips. He withdrew, and she bit back her disappointed moan.
“Not so fast, Goldilocks.”
“Wha—what? And that’s not my name.” She tried to inject some authority into her voice, she really did, but Miss Pornstar seemed to have re-emerged, so she gave up and simply looked at him. The business suits he’d worn to the office ever since that first day hinted at the powerful physique underneath. Seeing him up this close dressed in jeans and a black vest top and those damn cowboy boots, not to mention having all his attention focused on her—well she may just go into cardiac arrest. It was every secret fantasy she’d ever harbored times three. The man of her dreams, plus his equally wet-dream-inducing brother, and their stunningly beautiful sister. Her gaze darted involuntarily to Catalina, and their eyes locked. Jacob chuckled. Jason took a step away from Goldie and looked over his shoulder with a sigh.
“Maybe our sub after all, bro.” Jacob’s amused drawl shook Goldie out her trance like state and heat stained her cheeks.
“I’m no one’s sub.” Her voice was still far too breathy, and she couldn’t bring herself to look at any of them. But, there, she said it. They would have to let her go. She knew that much at least. They couldn’t keep her here against her will—they wouldn’t.
The click clack of Catalina’s heels on the floor announced her stepping closer, and Goldie’s nerves came back with a vengeance. She edged sideways until she bumped into Jacob. He drew her into his side with one arm, his breath hot on her neck, as he whispered, “Oh yes, you are.”
Catalina’s whip whispered past Goldie’s shoulder, and she shrieked and darted towards Jason. Jacob growled at Catalina, and Cat smiled.
“Such a lot of fuss. Well, I’ll leave her to you two for now. You know where I am, if you need me. And you will need me.” Catalina turned to face Goldie, and she was grateful for Jason’s reassuring warmth at her back and the strong arms holding her up. “I can smell you from here, little sub. When you’re fed up playing with the boys, come and find me—you know you want to.”

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