Monday, 12 March 2012

I was a virgin once Blog Hop

Thought that would get your attention!


Whilst the above is true and I remember it well, I'm talking about the first sex scene I ever wrote. It took me ages and I was terribly embarrassed. I re-wrote it countless times and finally plucked up the courage to share it with my critique group. The general consensus was it had potential, but it was awkward and lacked emotion. It was also just three paragraphs long...

Those of you familiar with my work will know that I have moved on somewhat.


One of my critique partners helped me with that scene in the end and it became longer and less awkward. I still struggled with them though and couldn't bring myself to write cock, let alone pussy. In fact I recall saying to another one of my CP's who used the p-word in her manuscript that I *really* didn't like that word.

We have a good giggle about that now. 

However, even though I struggled with them, those pesky characters just couldn't keep their hands of each other. That should have given me a clue really. I had little choice but to write scenes of an intimate nature, and just like in real life, practice makes perfect.

It became easier to write them. I started reading erotic romances and when my crit group heard of an anthology call for an erotic anthology, several of us penned something. I wrote my story with my tongue firmly stuck in my cheek. That story was Awakening and the Erotic writer in me was born.

My writing has continued to evolve and I love writing sex scenes now.


There are a few of those scenes in my story Little Miss Frigid Knickers - my contribution to Evernight's Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology, which releases March 16th. We're having a mini blog hop to celebrate the release.

When the object of his every lust filled fantasy walks into his BDSM club, dressed as a sub, there is only one thing James Whitley can do - claim her as his own. She may be called Frigid Knickers in the office, but Summer is anything but and he is just the man to show her...


Of all the men to see her dressed like this, did it have to be him? Unless her unused senses were completely off, he liked what he saw and her body reacted to that knowledge with a surge of liquid heat between her thighs. Little did he know, that his tawny brown eyes had starred in every one of her lust-filled dreams recently, her hands buried in the shoulder length strands of his chestnut hair, as he sucked her to the brink of orgasm—dreams that left her breathing hard and unfulfilled—until she had to pleasure herself with the hitherto unused dildo, she’d bought on impulse three years ago.
The deep timbre of his velvety voice, demanding Steve let her go, brought her back to the hallway, whose harsh lighting threw the ragged facial planes of the man crowding her into sharp focus, his ice cold blue eyes drawing her into their depths.
Shit, how could she day dream about one man and then get all hot and bothered by this stranger, whose hands roamed to her backside and squeezed painfully, his fingers skimming across her anus. Her pussy clenched and another surge of moisture soaked the scrap of material covering her mound as his whispered words registered in her consciousness.
“Try to hit me again, lady and my cock will make you scream right here,” and he thrust one finger into her wet folds, before inserting that digit into her anus. She bit her lip at the sharp pain that zinged straight to her clit. Heaven help her, but that felt way too good and she couldn’t help the excited moan escaping. The wicked grin on the man’s face, as he slowly withdrew his fingers had her screw her eyes shut in embarrassment.
“For fuck’s sake, Steve, let her go. I told you she’s mine!” James’ annoyed voice, laced with unmistakable arousal had her eyes fly open, just in time to see Steve run one hand through his short blond hair, his eyes boring into hers. “Soon, when he’s ready and that’s a promise, lady. And he likes to watch….”
“I won’t be anyone’s whore!”
From somewhere she found her voice, a breathy porn star imitation of her voice, which increased the slumbering heat in both men’s eyes watching her to flash point, but she had to say something to that…that…Threat?…Promise? Good God was she that depraved that this turned her on?  She choked back the hysterical bubble of laughter at the thought of her ex-boyfriend seeing her now. Two pairs of male eyes devouring her, two cocks ready for action if those impressive erections straining their flies were any indication and if she got any wetter, she would disgrace herself. Who was frigid now?
Steve’s mocking laughter rung in her ears, as he walked away, leaving her to face James on her own. Cheeks flaming she didn’t dare look at him. She worked with the man for pity’s sake. How was she ever going to face him in the office come Monday? The silence stretched between them, until she couldn’t stand it anymore and she looked up. She was stunned by the brooding intensity, with which he studied her, his eyes darkening with desire and some other deep felt emotion that made her chest feel tight as they roamed over her body slowly. Surely she was imagining that? He couldn't care for her?  Her breathing hitched and she could feel every lingering gaze like a physical caress on her skin. When his eyes finally settled on her face, his smile took her breath away completely—compassion, desire, amusement, all rolled into one. She took his outstretched hand without thinking. His long fingers closed around hers and electricity arched up her arm at the innocent touch, as the warmth of his voice rolled over her.
“Let’s get you home.” He paused, head cocked to one side as he studied her. “What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Ms Hampton.”
“You mean, apart from Frigid Knickers?” She couldn’t quite keep the hurt out of her voice and his eyes widened slightly as he pulled her into his frame and cupped her chin with one hand, forcing her to look up at him.
“I think we both know that those knickers are about as frigid as I’m gay.”
She had to smile at the wicked grin those words accompanied and embarrassment flooded her anew at her earlier assumptions. “Yes, well, seems Serena doesn’t know either one of us very well.”
His hold on her tightened marginally, the laughter lines round his eyes increasing as he smiled down on her.
“So, your name?”
She bit back the groan of embarrassment, that question always evoked. “Promise not to laugh?” And at his nod, she mumbled, “Summer Breeze Petal, my mother fancied herself a hippy, what can I say.”

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  1. Shared, and I really would NOT like to relive the night I lost mine.


    There you go shared!

  3. Oh yes, I remember the days of you as a virgin sex scene writer. You've certainly come a long way and boy did you learn fast. lol

    Congrats on another impending release. Well done.

  4. Nice post, Doris. Hot excerpt!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Kooks.

    Thanks Kiru ;-)

    *waves to Lorraine* Thanks :-D

  6. I totally remember you being shy about writing those scenes, and how you gasped at my sex scenes. LOL!

  7. oh i remember those days so well.....

  8. Hot excerpt! And wonder why the name of your heroine sounds familiar!

  9. Alyssa and Raven, those were the days eh ;-)

    Thanks Carolyn :-)

    Ruchita, I didn't actually think of that until you commented, lol.

  10. Wow, Doris, you've come a long way from having short sex scenes to BDSM...great excerpt that has readers wanting more!


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