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A producer's eye view of a cougar romance - Guest Blog and GIVEAWAY

Please give a warm welcome to Stevie, one of the characters of Raven McAllan's new release The Price To Pay.


Have you ever wondered what it's like being a fly on the wall in an unusual romance? Maybe you have. But I bet it's not like the experience I've just had.
 I produce a radio show. I produce several, but this one is special. The presenter is my friend. Well a friend of my wife and I.
Hi, I'm Stevie, and the cougar in question is Vairi McQueen. I think the best way to describe her is kick-ass, take no prisoners. But she's loyal, funny, a great mum and a fantastic DJ. And it seems, a cougar, although I won't say that in front of her, even if she uses the word.
She met her man at the fair, would you believe? It was a set up and Lorna, her daughter, dragged her there but it's a fact that once there, she was hooked. Not by the rides—she's not over keen on them—but by the ride, if you get the gist.
By Padraig O'Shea no less. Now there's a man with a past if ever there was one.
The fun I had seeing this romance flourish. I ended up as a fly on the wall—well a producer on the net—more than once. And I like to think, played a big part in the outcome.
But was it a positive outcome? You'll have to read the book to see.
Here's a taster.

Do a friend a favor? Easy. Persuade the woman she's your soul mate - not so easy. Does this cougar romance stand a chance?

Raig was doing a favor for a friend - babysitting mum. Who'd have thought that 'mum' turned out to be the woman of his dreams?
Raig could see their future; Vairi could only see the age difference. He may say you were only as old as the man you feel but she couldn't do the forever he wanted. Too many obstacles stood in their way, especially when she finds out Raig has not been telling her the truth by omission. She too has secrets she's not willing to share. Can they open up, be honest and put their doubts behind them?  Then discover how satisfying a cougar romance can be?

And an extract…

As the last ride slowed down, stopped and the final stragglers moved away, he went across to where Vairi stood waiting for him.
"Want a ride?" His tone was bland, the innuendo clear.
Laughing, she shook her head.
"On that? No way. On you, ditto. You want a ride, you go on it. Ride the horsey cowboy. Show me how it's done." Her innuendo was equally as clear, her assumption he would blow her request off showed in her face.
 Right, Call your bluff time. If he could. Come on Raig you're as horny as a ram. No problem, even the motion would be enough, to say nothing of that pole moving up and down, and Vairi's eyes fixed on you. Go for it. His hands were suddenly sweaty, his breathing faster and choppy. He saw Vairi's eyes darken and cloud with desire, and knew he was going to sit on the horse and ride the pole. Briefly he thought about semen covered jeans, before remembering the calf length high-viz jacket hanging by the control cupboard.
"Watch and ache. Or feel free to join me." He moved close to her deliberately invading her personal space. Her breath hitched, but she didn't move as looked up at him steadily, that sensual quirk of her lips mesmerizing him as his body brushed hers. He felt the hardness of her nipples against his chest, demanding, even through their clothes. Knew she could feel his cock hard against her clit. Saw her fight the awareness.
"I'll watch. From here." She leant back on the fence and folded her arms over her breasts. To hid her burgeoning nipples from any stray worker or customer who might wander past? No matter, his imagination had her stripped, leaning against the fence wearing those sparkly flats and a smile. He could tell by the skeptical look she gave him, she felt he wasn't going to follow through on his words.
"Come and stand in the middle, before I set it off. Then you'll see more." And he could make sure he was on the innermost horse and furthest away from prying eyes. He held out his hand and helped her into the center. Making sure the music was switched off he set the ride in motion, feeling Vairi's eyes following his every move, as he stepped onto the platform and chose a horse.
"Conqueror," He said, as settling on the saddle he checked the name written in flowing hieroglyphics around the 'reins'. "Hope so. Ready to watch?" He called as he rode past her and saw her nod.
Right Raig; time to show what you can do. He edged as near to the pole as he could and the felt vibrations run through him as it began to rub against his erection, the denim of his jeans increasing the friction, intensifying those vibrations.
God he would never have thought he could get anywhere near coming by such a simple thing. If only they could market 'Come! Ride the Ride! They would make a fortune. Sadly, or maybe luckily there was no way they would. It would bring every pervert for miles out of the woodwork.  Meanwhile, for him now? Enjoy the ride, Raig. Your pole on the pole.
The sensation of being rubbed, the knowledge that Vairi's eyes were trained on him, following his tracks as much as possible was making his climax a fast approaching event. Even the thought that anyone could come along, see his face contorted with desire, his cock almost welded to the pole, ask what the hell he was doing, didn't diminish his feelings. It probably intensified then. He never knew he had the incipient makings of an exhibitionist. As he flew past Vairi he spoke, his voice hoarse.
"Any time now." Felt his cock pulsate fill and spill.


Thanks for sharing Stevie :-)

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    tammy ramey

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