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Interview with London St. James

Please give a warm welcome to my fellow Evernight Author London Saint James with her newest release Eternal.

Romance writer Winter Wells has found her new life with Hollywood Hottie, Cayden Cain, a blessing and a curse.  He is the blessing.  His career is the curse.  Involved in an unprecedented web of strange events, and wound in a string of lies about to break with devastating consequences, Winter must battle ghosts from her past that threaten to harm Cayden.  Faced with a choice she always knew would be inevitable, can the fairy tale of their relationship beat out the odds of their reality and really come true?

*pulls out chair for London*

Good to have you here, make yourself at home J

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  

Thanks so much for having me, Doris! *Wiggles in chair*  Well what can I say about myself?  Hmm… okay, here it goes.  I started writing seriously a couple of years ago.  I have always scribbled down stories, even as a child.  Trust me when I say being a child with a big imagination isn’t always a great thing for some teachers.  In truth, I was never encouraged to write until one of my middle school English teachers entered some of my work into a writing contest.  From there life gets in the way, and I did all of the so called sensible things.  I obtained a degree in Psychology, and worked in the mental health field for many years.  I wrote a couple of short stories, one of which I submitted to Evernight Publishing last year, and it was accepted for their BDSM anthology, Master Of Mine.  From there I’ve been writing, writing, and writing some more! 

Q. Eternal is the last in a series, right?

Yes, that is correct.  Enchanted is book 1.  Requiem is book 2.  Revelation is book 3, and Eternal is the final in The Heart Of Winter series.

Q. Why did you write this series?

When I sat down to write Winter’s story, it sort of flowed, and kept on flowing.  It started out as one very large book.  At the time of my submission, I would have been way over the word count accepted, so it became a 4-book continuing series.  I guess I never started The Heart Of Winter as a series, it just sort of turned into one. *Smiles*

Q. Tell us about your cover.

Oh, I love my cover.  In fact, all of the covers have been great.  Dara England designed the first three book covers, and Sour Cherry Designs created the cover for Eternal.  The cover tells a story all in itself.

It's a great cover, I agree!

Q. Describe a typical day’s writing for us.

LOL.  Typical? I’m not sure what that is.  I don’t really have any scheduled writing time.  It’s sort of write whenever I get a quiet moment.  I write quite a bit late at night, and keep going until early morning.  Other times, I steal a moment here and there.  I’d love to write on weekends, but life always has other plans for me it would seem.

That sounds so familiar, lol.

Q. What inspires you?

So many things inspire me.  I love to read, and I try to read as much as I can.  A great book inspires me.  Music (of all genres) inspires me.  I love art (in many different forms) so that inspires me.  Being some place beautiful inspires me. Movies, nature, and even people inspire me.

Q.If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

Cat Woman! *Giggles*  I’d love to wear that hot leather suit and sneak around on roof tops. 

LOL! That has got to be the most original answer to that question I have ever had.

Q. Do your characters ever surprise you?

Yes.  Sometimes I think the story is going in one direction, and the characters have other ideas.

Q. What could you not do without when you’re writing?

Music.  Coca Cola.  Chocolate.

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

Write what you love.  What you find inspiring.  Read as much as you can.  Find someone wonderful to bounce ideas off of.  Grow a thick skin, and don’t let negativity get you down.  Keep yourself in your work, and keep on writing until you feel you are ready to sub your work. 

Great advice there.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

On a windswept beach! LOL.  Truly, I imagine myself still writing.  Spending as much time as I can with friends and family, and enjoying my life no matter where it takes me.

Q. Do you have a favorite quote?

I have so many it is hard to narrow it down.  Let me think about it for a minute… 

All right.  Here’s one of my favorites: “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.”  Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

I’m not sure it’s writer’s block more as it’s the brick wall! LOL.  That wall of time that keeps getting higher, and higher.  You know, where you only have so many hours of the day, and you can’t fit it all in.  I have many, many characters and stories running ramped in my head *Smiles* but the time to get them all out of my head is the problem.

Q. What other books can your readers look forward to?

Currently I do have a finished erotic novel.  The working title: La Bonne Soeur (The Good Sister) I just need the time to go over it, polish it, edit it, etc…  I’m also working on a BDSM story for the naughty fairy tale line through Evernight. And I’m in collaboration with another author, working on a sci-fi series. 

Q. And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

Eternal Excerpt:
Wednesday evening had arrived, and I was standing on the balcony of my bedroom when it started to rain. I lifted my chin to the heavens, toward the dark night sky, and the cold drops hit my face, cheeks, lips, and hair. It didn’t take long before I was soaking wet. The ivory long sleeve shirt I wore was plastered to me, and my jeans were beginning to soak through, but I didn’t care. All I could think about was Cayden. How could I ever live without him?
In the distance of my mind, I heard Cayden’s voice calling out to me.
“What are you doing?” he asked. “Winter. It’s too cold. You are going to get sick.” Cayden’s arms encased me. He pulled me from the rain, into the warmth of the bedroom. He let loose of me and almost sprinted into the bathroom. I saw him pull one of the large fluffy white towels from the cabinet. He turned with a sense of urgency, and immediately came back to me. “What are you thinking?” Once he reached me, he unbuttoned my shirt, peeled it from my wet skin, and threw the soaked garment to the floor. Cayden whipped the towel out. It made a snapping sound before he wrapped the dry warm towel around me. “Winter, baby?”
Cayden stared at me. The expression upon his face, one of pain. He rubbed my arms with his hands as if the friction would warm the coldness I felt in my heart. It hit me. I wasn’t speaking.
“Sorry,” I said.
“Love, what were you doing standing in the cold rain?” He glanced down at my feet. “And you don’t have on any shoes.”
“I don’t know. I was just thinking. I guess I stopped paying attention.”
“Take those wet jeans off, too,” he instructed before he headed back into the bathroom for another towel.
I shed the jeans and left them in a wet lump in the middle of the floor.
“I love you,” I said when he came back.
He threw a new towel over my hair and started to rub it dry. “I love you, too. Tell me what is wrong?”
I placed my face to his chest, burying away my pain and taking in the scent of him. “Nothing is wrong.”
“Winter, tell me,” he pressed.
“Nothing, it’s nothing. I go a little crazy when you’re gone, but you are home now. We are together. That’s all that matters.”
“I have missed you,” he said. Cayden’s arms circled my waist and he picked me up from the floor. My feet dangled. “Do you know how much I hate to be away from you?”
“I know how much I hate being away from you.”
The towels fell to the carpet when I draped my arms around his strong neck and my legs around his perfectly tight waist, hooking my ankles behind his back. Cayden laughed his low musical laugh and brushed his nose into my hair. “I love how your hair smells. It’s like flowers and fruit, peaches.”
“I have missed you so much, Cayden.” I kissed him. It was a long time before I released him from my kiss.
Cayden’s eyes, silver-gray, flashed. “I think maybe you did miss me. But never bet it is as much as I have missed you,” he assured with his brilliant bright white smile.
I shivered. Whether from his eyes, words or touch I do not know, but probably from the combination of all of them.
“Cayden, make love to me.”
“You’re still cold,” he said. “Come on.” He carried me into the bathroom.
“I don’t care how cold I am. Please, make love to me.”
Cayden put me down. My bare feet felt the cool tiles beneath them. Cayden walked over to the stereo. He pulled back the glass wall panel and turned it on. He bent down, took off his black Adidas, and stripped off his socks. He placed them inside his shoes. With an underhanded toss, he threw the shoes out the bathroom door. They made a dull thud on the carpet in the other room when they landed.
There I stood. In the middle of the bathroom in my bra and panties, my hair tangled and wet, goose bumps covering my skin, mascara running down my cheeks, and probably looking pathetic, but I could not keep my eyes from Cayden. He turned on the steam and hot water in the shower. Placed his hands under the stream of water that was shooting down from overhead. He turned around, smiled tenderly, and closed the glass doors. The water hit the glass of the shower and mixed into the sound of the rain that pelted the roof. Everything melted into the music that played, becoming a symphony of rain.
“Please,” I said.
Cayden looked at me intently. He raked his penetrating gaze over my body. “I have every intention of making love to you, but I need to get you warm first.” His fingertips traced down my cheek, over the surface of my lips, down my throat then over my right shoulder. The warm water that was still on his hands trickled over the surface of my skin in every place he touched me. I trembled with his touch. Softly, he rubbed the mascara smudges from my cheeks.
“Cayden…,” I whispered.
“You are so utterly beautiful.” His lips skimmed over my shoulder, and his fingers made their way to the front of my bra. “I can't believe how beautiful you are.” With dexterous skill, he unhooked the golden clasp, sending my bra sliding down the surface of my skin until it hit the tiled floor at my feet.
“Cayden, I need you,” I murmured against his chest.
“Baby,” he whispered against my neck. “You have me. You know I’m yours.”
Throwing myself into him, I wrapped my arms around his neck; my mouth frantically searched for his lips. We kissed with an aching in my soul. I wanted every part of Cayden to touch me. Needed to feel the exquisite sensation of his warm skin upon mine. Desperation surged through me. My hands slid down his shirt. Gripped it. Ripped the buttons free and exposed his flesh. The buttons bounced and tapped across the tiled floor. One pinged off the glass of the shower door. My anxious fingers explored the length of his stomach until I came to his jeans. I unbuttoned them, allowing my right hand to drift lower. Cayden was fevered and firm inside my hand.
Cayden picked me up again, his lips eager against mine, his mouth moving with my mouth as his breath, warm in my mouth, found its place. Cayden’s tongue tangled deeply with mine. He never let loose of my body, shedding his jeans by stepping on the bottom edge of his right pant leg, yanking his legs free.
“Cayden,” I moaned. I stroked his manhood. “I need you so much.”
“God,” he groaned.
Cayden fondled my waist, outlining the top of my panties with his fingers. He brushed so lightly over the canvas of my skin that it sent shivers over my entire body. His hand rested for a moment on my hip before tucking fingers into the top of my waistband. Cayden grabbed the material firmly.
“Do it,” I said, placing my mouth to his.

Thanks so much for stopping by, London.

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