Friday, 16 March 2012

Virgins Behaving Badly - Release day

They may be virgins right now but they're ready to give it all up....

She's fantasized about her two best friends for years, he's ready to let the woman next door teach him what loving is all about. Who says your first time can't include cuffs, or a spanking to make you scream? 

A collection of nine tantalising tales from Evernight Publishing. Get ready to fan the flames as the men and women of this anthology behave badly.

You can check out my story Little Miss Frigid Knickers on Amazon right now. It's free to read in the Preview! 

And once you're all hot and bothered you will want to read the rest of the eight stories, right?

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Happy Friday, folks!


  1. definitely... i'm ready and reading.. and hot and bothered.. and sod it off to cool down in the rain.

  2. Woohoo! Happy release day, Doris!