Friday, 23 March 2012

Sleep is for wimps

What else is new, I hear you say, after all I do state this in my bio, but this week has really pushed the envelope on the no sleep issue.

Little Budda has now not been well for three weeks. He's teething badly - we have three very sharp little teeth - and he is full of a cold and has the amazing, non shifting conjunctivitis. I am a firm believer in the powers of breastmilk for curing all, but I admitted defeat this week and took him to the docs. He is on double the usual dose of eye drops - yes it really is that bad - and still the conjunctivitis stays.


The two pronged attack of copious eye bathing in breastmilk, and drops seems to be working ever so slowly. I think. Put it this way, it only took two swipes this morning to help him open his eyes, compared to several minute's worth. Big brother too now has red eye, but thankfully after just twenty four hours of boobie juice drops, his eyes look much better.


Budda, however, well. Add to that the whole teething, screaming in pain, biting mummy issues and yeah - sleep? What's that exactly?

*mutters to herself this too will pass*

In writing news it has been a good week though!

I'm in the middle of my blog tour with Lure Of Forever and I'm running a contest. Comment on any of my stops for an entry to win one of three copies I'm giving away. Comments have been a bit thin on the ground really, so check those posts out, otherwise I might get paranoid and think nobody loves me!
Us creative types need our ego's stroked, dontcha  know.


Today's stop is here.

If you're wondering whether my brooding vamp is worth your time to comment check out the reviews here and here.

You can find all the stops of my blog tour here. Do stop by and say "Hi". I'm flitting all over the place. Shame we don't get air miles for virtual travel ;-)

The other fantastic news is that I signed a contract for Too Cold To Love, book Two of the Giovanni Clan series. If you liked my sexy firefighter Alex in Too Hot To Handle, then you'll love his cousin Marco. He's brooding and .... very inventive in the bedroom.


I am now stalking my inbox for cover art. Can't wait to see what the talented cover artists at Evernight will come up with.

And last but by no means least Virgins Behaving Badly is a bestseller on ARe and Bookstrand.

*even bigger grin*

So, there you have it, that's been my week. No wonder I'm so relieved it's Friday. Though I don't reckon I will get that much sleep over the weekend either. I have two tiger shifters prowling around in my head, growling their story at me. Last time that much growling was going on Goldie And Her Bears happened! Which by the way, is scheduled for release in a weeks time!


Have a great weekend, folks! xx


  1. ahhh D what a weel. but you're no wimp lol

  2. RE: Marco's cover - will there be pineapples? *snigger*

  3. Thanks ladies, and Karina, lol. I did ask for handcuffs...

    *whistles innocently*

  4. you are right....sleep is for wimps and you know....people who aint writers!! :D