Saturday, 10 March 2012

Release day winner and TGIS

Hurray it's Saturday. It's been an exciting, but very looong week for yours truly, so I'm very happy it's the weekend :-)

A big thank you to all of who helped me celebrate the release of Lure Of Forever. With the help of I picked a winner.


Congratulations to the Romance Reader Enthusiast. I will be in touch, Lynn. Hope you enjoy my tortured vamp.

I was musing to myself yesterday, that whenever there is great news writing wise and I could happily float on the ceiling, real life intervenes and reminds me very forcefully that my feet belong on the ground. On actual release day my darling four year old was so challenging, it's a testament to a mother's love that he survived the day. By the time hubby came home I was so wired, he took one look at me, handed me chocolate and spirited the kids off to bed.

The little whirlwind wasn't much better behaved the next day. In fact he was so downright naughty that I was beginning to wonder, whether he was brewing some illness. Typically when he pushes my buttons that much and is that demanding and unreasonable that I want to sell him on Ebay, he then comes down with some virus or another. Cue, me feeling like the worst mother, ever.

Fortunately he didn't come down with anything. Must have just had a funny couple of days of pushing the boundaries. So yesterday was quite a good day, until I got a phone call from school.

"Nothing too alarming Mrs O'Connor, but Molly has had a bump in the school playground. She fell of the stage and she has a little bit of a mark and she's complaining she's dizzy. Would you like to come and take her home?"

Cue, me thinking, stage? In the playground?

I don't have the car on Fridays, cause hubby takes it to work, rather than cycling like he does the rest of the week, so it took me a little while to get there.

The worried looking receptionist raised my internal alarm bells and then I saw Molls, sat huddled on the bed in the medical room-the whole right side of her face marked and swollen, a scratch and bump on her nose, and a huge egg on her forehead. :-O

Apparently it had been bigger than that. Cold compresses had brought it down. Anyways I walked my poor battered girl home, with her clutching my hand very tightly, still complaining of feeling dizzy. I did wonder whether we would have to take her to A&E to get checked out.

Thankfully she perked up after a rest, painkillers, and being installed on settee under her duvet.

*breathes sigh of relief*

However, this being us, that wasn't the end of it. Oh no of curse not! It was bedtime and I had dosed her up on pain meds again, so she could get to sleep - her head had been hurting really badly again, especially her eye, which was still quite swollen.

It was the usual mayhem of bedtime in this house, coupled with the arrival of our grocery delivery. So various kids are flying all over the place, trying to help. They're normally in bed by then, but the delivery was early and bed time had been delayed with all the shenanigans previously. (Hubby had also discovered there was something wrong with the car, you see. What was I saying about reality?)

Naturally the delivery of said groceries is the highlight of the week, as far as the kids are concerned. Not quite sure why, it happens every week, and personally I couldn't think of anything more mundane, but hey that's kids for you.  I'm stuck with babe on the boob, hubby is directing the troops with military precision, kids are running about - I'm sure they multiply on these occasions - deliveryman is killing himself laughing - I'm sure we are the highlight of his week, you know - and then Molls starts crying.

Yep, you guessed it, she hit her head again. To be precise she was head butted by her big sister in exactly the same spot she'd hit before. It was an accident, but as those of you who know me on Facebook will know, I hit the roof. Said big sister never looks where she's going and it's always Molls who gets hurt.

Poor thing took ages to calm down. She did eventually with an ice pack clutched to her poorly head.


I did say she ought to wear a her cycle helmet round the house!

So, if you're still with me after all that rambling, I am very glad it's Saturday. Molls has the beginnings of a wonderful black eye, but the swelling to the rest of her face has gone down, and various scratches notwithstanding, she's on the mend. Big sis has been eating humble pie all day, and is being super helpful.

Long may the peace continue.

I'm waiting to see what next week brings with baited breath. The Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology releases  on Friday, so life is bound to pull me back from that ceiling....


  1. Oh D, glad to hear Molls is on the mend, but my heart goes out to her. Poor soul <3

  2. Kids certainly know how to keep their mums' feet on the ground don't they,Doris? In fact I think it would be true to say they are the greatest source of stress I have ever known. And I've only got two of the little beasts!

    Glad Molls is on the mend. Hope you don't run out of choc! X

  3. Thanks Karina, Suz, and Rachel. There is certainly never a dull moment in this house, I tell you!

    I love them all dearly, but sometimes... lol.

  4. I received and can't wait to read. Thank you and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  5. Stupid reality always gets in the way of my fun.