Sunday, 6 January 2013

#SexySnippets from Too Devious to Tame (The Giovanni Clan,3)

Happy Sunday all. The Nuthouse Scribblers are starting a brand new venture today. Sexy Snippets.

Simply put we are posting seven sentences, from a work in progress or published book to tease you with every Sunday. We then share it with the hashtag #SexySnippets.

My seven today come from Too Devious To Tame, book three of my Giovanni Clan series which will release January 28th. In this scene the heroine Jemima has woken up in hospital with amnesia. This is her first impression of Giorgio Giovanni.


His broad shoulders strained the light summer jacket off his tailored suit, and his powerful thighs flexed slightly as he shifted on the bed. His dark hair curled over the collar of his shirt, and when he raised a hand to run it through his hair in an almost absentminded gesture she caught a glimpse of strong, tanned wrists. The large hand he placed on the bed next to her leg held a dusting of black hair, and this time she couldn't hold back her gasp, as a memory surged to her forefront. That same hand on her pale flesh kneading, pinching, just the right side of pain, as he surged inside her, pinning her in place with his superior bulk, as she screamed his name.
"Giorgio?" Her voice was a mere whisper, but the room stilled, and she held her breath when he turned around and looked at her. One thick eyebrow raised, he ran his gaze over her form, his eyes silver gray orbs of steel pinning her in place.


Til next week, folks. Don't forget to check out the other participants taking part in Sexy Snippets this week. And if you want to join in next week, then just go to to sign up. Link will reopen on Monday.


  1. great!

    I've not read any of your Giovanni Clan series yet, I must get round to them!

    Dee x

  2. Oh Giorgio! He's another man I'm waiting for. Be still, my heart. ;)

    1. Lol, Kiru. Yes Giorgio takes brooding Italian sexyness to a whole new level ;-)

  3. It's unlikely I can ever have a normal real life relationship after all these Giovanni men have warmed my heart etc etc etc :)

  4. Oh yum. I must begin reading this one.

  5. Looking forward to this one. Been a long time coming!

  6. wow can't wait to read ALL of his

  7. I loved the first two books in the Giovanni series. I am looking forward to reading this one!