Sunday, 13 January 2013

#SexySnippets from Too Devious To Tame (Giovanni Clan, 3) week 2

Happy Sunday, folks. I hope you had a great week. It's time for Sexy Snippets.

Today I give you another seven from book three of my Giovanni Clan series, Too Devious To Tame, which releases January 28th.

Here is the unedited blurb:

When Giorgio Giovanni tracks the troublesome Jemima down in a hospital bed in Italy, he has one thing on his mind—revenge. However, the fragile woman he encounters is not the devious female he remembers. When it becomes clear that she is in danger, he risks everything to keep her safe.
Left for dead, Jemima wakes up in hospital, terrified, and with no idea of her identity. The angry man, who comes to claim her, is the only link to a shared past she can't remember. A past that threatens to destroy them, and all she has ever held dear.
With danger all around them, and their sexual chemistry off the scale, can they find their way back to each other, or is the past too devious to tame?


Last week I shared the first time Jemima met Giorgio after the accident that left her with amnesia. In today's snippet, I am taking you back ten years, to the time they actually met for the first time. Caught in a rain storm they are huddling under a shop canopy, and Giorgio has just been at the receiving end of Jemima's sharp tongue...

Her tone mocked him, but her breath hitched when he leaned in closer and traced the shell of her ear with his tongue. He bit down on the soft flesh, and the hand still resting on his chest curled into the fabric of his tee. Her barely suppressed moan shot straight to his cock, and he tightened the hold on her waist. His fingers found the silky skin where Basque and skirt didn't quite meet, and he swallowed his own groan as his cock pressed painfully against the denim fly of his jeans.
"Whatever makes you think I'd want you lying back? Far too vanilla for my liking. No, I like my women screaming my name as they beg me for their orgasm, whilst my cock is so deeply buried in their ass they see stars."

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