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Meet Ella Grey and The Schoolteacher And The Dom #guestinterview #releaseday

Help me to give a warm welcome to Ella Grey. I've collared her today to tell us more about herself, and her new release.

Make yourself comfy, Ella :-)

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. I’ve been writing stories since I was fifteen but it’s only as I hit my mid-twenties that I got published. I live in a house that is populated by a big monster, a little monster and a creature I call the pest, otherwise known as the cat.

Lol, cats do tend to think they own the place, don't they?

Q. What made you write ‘this’ story?

A. This story pretty much hit me out of nowhere. I could picture a scene with a woman sitting in a restaurant with the world’s most boring date. She ends up asking a cute guy at the bar to ring her phone so she could pretend that she had a family emergency.  That was my first insight to the characters Nola and Alex. It took me awhile to come out with backgrounds for them.

Q. Tell us about your cover.

A. I love this cover, especially the little black flower detail in the banner. I was a little worried that the title, sub-title and the authors name meant that there might be too much writing on the cover but I think it worked out while. This is actually the second cover. The female model on the first one that was sent to me, just didn’t work. I couldn’t look at it and go ‘That’s Nola’ but the second one I got was perfect. I hope that you agreed.

Q. Describe a typical day’s writing for us

A. I write when the little monster is in bed, which means I have about three hours before I head to bed myself. Those are the joys of having a three year old. If the muse has been talking to me, I’m usually working on a WIP. If the muse is being a bitch, I usually catch up on my reading. 

Ah, yes the challenges of writing with little people underfoot!

Q. What inspires you?

A. There is not just one thing that inspires me. Sometimes it’s music and others it’s something that I might have heard. There are also times that a dream might inspire me. I have some pretty weird dreams.

Lol, so many of my stories come to me in dreams!

Q. If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

A. Good question. I really wish I could say astronaut or brain surgeon but I’d probably be an English teacher or a librarian.

Nothing wrong with those :-)

Q. Do your characters ever surprise you?

A. Sometimes, Nola especially surprised me in this story with her willingness to try new things. I thought that I’d have to have a little argument with her but nope.

Q. What could you not do without when you’re writing?

A. I couldn’t write without coffee, chocolate biscuits and good music.

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

A. Never give up. Everyone might not like your work but in the end you don’t write to please everyone. You write for yourself.

Oh so very true!

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

A. I’d probably still be huddled over my netbook, hopefully not fighting writers block and earning enough money to pay the gas bill.

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

A. I don’t think it’s something any writer can avoid. So yes, I do suffer from it but I usually turn my attention to something else.

Q. What other books can your readers look forward to?

A. I have a free read coming out through Evernight Publishing called ‘The Dare Encounters: Chance’ I also have the next stories to write in both series.

Q. And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

 Nobody likes being alone on Christmas, which was the only reason Nola Pryce was on a date with tall, dark, and dull. It had been a moment of weakness that made her say yes. Looking at him across the table made her wish she’d said no.
She’d stopped listening to the conversation about ten minutes ago. Now she was just randomly nodding and taking sips from her cup. Her attention wandered to checking out the bar that they’d decided to meet at. She liked it even if it was obvious that Tim didn’t judging by the way he wrinkled his nose as he’d walked in. It had a homely feel to it. The customers chatted with the staff, which created a low-key but friendly atmosphere. Her attention drifted to the framed newspapers on the wall. There was a history here that she liked.
It was the only good thing about the date. At least it’s an early evening dinner date. There wasn’t going to be that awkward moment at the end of the night when she didn’t invite him up for coffee. There was no way in the hell this would be turning into one date of many.
He’d been talking about himself for nearly an hour, his latest subject being a business trip to Japan. Somehow he’d even managed to make that sound boring.
“I just need to go to the ladies’ I’ll be right back.” Nola got to her feet, collecting her bag. She needed to fake an emergency or something. If she sat through anymore of this bullshit, she wouldn’t be responsible for her actions.
She noticed the guy looking at her from the bar as she went in search of the ladies’ room and smiled at him. When she finished up in the restroom, she headed back to the bar. A plan had already begun to form in her head.
“I need a favor.”
The man’s eyes widen at her forwardness. He put down the burger he’d been eating and used a napkin to clean sauce from his lips. “And what would that be?” he asked as soon as his mouth was empty. He was smartly dressed in a suit which had an impeccable cut but he looked much more relaxed than stuffy Tim. At that moment he looked like he was trying hard not to smile.
“I need you to call my phone in about five minutes.”
He looked around her, checking out Tim. He didn’t look unimpressed. “Trying to get out of a bad date?”
“You’ll be saving a person’s life.”
He looked a little surprised. “Yours?”
“No, his, I might actually have to kill him. Somebody that boring shouldn’t be allowed to live. I’d be doing the world a favor.”
He looked back at her solemnly but his eyes twinkled with suppressed laughter. “I’ll call it. I wouldn’t want you to get yourself arrested.”

I love those last few lines! Thanks so much for stopping over, Ella, and Happy Release Day!

Thanks for having me on your blog Doris J

The Schoolteacher and the Dom is available at
And it will also be available at Amazon and Allromanceebooks.

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