Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Monday, News, and Winners!

I hope you're all having a great Monday! Mine started out with a writing induced headache, as I'm knee deep in a new wip that will just not leave me alone.

My muse has decided that my free read Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed
needs to be a series, so I am working on Natasha's story. A cancer survivor who books Mr. SG in an effort to regain her sexuality.

Well, if you've read the original Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed, then you'll know that nothing is as it seems with this particular escort service. And if you thought that book was hot ... well ... I would have finished writing it by now if I didn't need to keep on stopping and standing in front of a fan!


I am having great fun with this, truth be told.

In more good news,  I got an acceptance to another story last week, involving a naughty genie. More details to follow, once I've signed on the dotted line, but 2013 is looking to be a very naughty year writing wise for me.

Which brings me very neatly for the reason behind this post.

I have the winners for the two New Year's Blog Hops I took part in, chosen with the help of

New Year's Blog Hop

Drea is my Grand Price winner! She gets to pick the name of my next heroine.

Winning a PDF copy from my back list are:

Vanessa N and  Veronika

Naughty New Year's Blog Hop

Beckey wins the $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate

Winning a PDF copy from my back list are:

Carin and Dee Thomas


That's you all up to date for now.

Thank you again all who took part in the Hops, and stay naughty!

D x