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When is a Rose not a Rose? #giveaway with @RavenMcAllan #regency #newrelease

I have the lovely Raven visiting again. As she has been known to say, her releases are like the buses. None for ages and then boom, you get them right on top each other. Which is good news for the fans of all things Raven.

Here she is doing what she does best, talking regency and pushing the boundaries, and what's more she is giving away a copy from her rather impressive back list. So read on, and then do leave Raven a comment with your e-mail address to be in with a chance to win a copy of Raven's brand of crazy.



When is a Rose not a Rose?
When she's Sophia of course. Confused? No need. Let me explain.
Rose Sophia, Lady Symons, doesn't use her given name she much prefers Sophia.  Well what's the harm in that? Lots of people use a different name, so why shouldn't she? A certain two younger gentlemen don't agree with her reasoning. They are determined to convince her she should use Rose.
Well think about it. Nathaniel and Jasper Thorne are twins who share everything, and they both want Rose.
She's intrigued, but wary, after all there's a dozen years between them and she has those years under her ample bosom.
But then if it doesn't bother them, why should it bother her?
It's that old double standard isn't it? Even in Regency times it existed. And not just in the it should be the man older scenario. A man could take mistress at any time. A woman couldn't take a lover until she had given her husband an heir.
Or so it was said. However as in every era, nobody may have spoken about it, but what actually happened could be very, very, different.


Propriety is a lonely bedfellow, until twin delights show this lady her true desires.

At three and forty, Lady Rose Sophia Symonds has resigned herself to life passing her by. Overhearing her protegee in the throes of passion with not one, but two lovers, leaves her wanting and wishing. That is, until she is accosted at a ball by Jasper and Nathaniel Thorne.

Newly back in the county, the eccentric and much younger twins have set their sights on Rose, and they are determined to have her, even it means cheating at cards.
Will accepting their wager free Rose and lead her to the heights of passion she craves? Or will their desire drive her away?


The minx is teasing us.
Jasper did his best to keep his emotions hidden and present an impassive face to her. With the insight he had of Nat, he knew his twin thought as he did. They would not hold her to the bet if their ideas were abhorrent to her. They had to be open and honest about what they desired. He had seen her swift, interested glance toward the tables and furniture revealed when he removed the screens, and prayed it was more than casual. Now they would find out.
“Well?” he prompted her. “Your answer?” “Show me,” she said simply. With a whoosh, he let out the breath he wasn’t conscious he’d suppressed and heard Nat do the same. “Both of us?” Jasper asked, determined there was to be no misunderstanding by any of them. “Together as well as alone?”
 “I fear I have more unusual tendencies than I knew, my lord. I wish to experience all both of you can offer me. So it seems I am agreeing to try whatever you desire, with the proviso I can cry off at anytime and you will honor my call.”
“That goes without saying, Rose.”
“Sophia.” She corrected him.
Jasper shook his head and saw Nat roll his eyes. She was determined; so were they. “My love, we warned you. With us you will be Rose. It’s your given name; a beautiful name that conjures up such evocative pictures, my cock tightens when I say it. It is suited to the art of love. As we believe are you. Your eyes, your breasts, that delicious cunt all send out messages to us. Messages that say tease me, touch me, take me. We intend to.”
She looked visibly shaken, her eyes were cloudy, her skin held a faint dusting of arousal, and she circled her lips with her tongue. There was no guile in the action; it was obvious it was an unconscious movement. The faint tremor that ran through her was almost unnoticeable.
“Your color, Rose?”
“You know ‘tis green. I have to feel you in me.” Her breasts heaved, each dusky nipple stood out proud. Begging for attention.
“Then you shall.” With a sudden decision, Jasper untied her ankles. “Now can you climb over Nat? Impale yourself onto his cock. Are you wet enough to receive him?” He rubbed her wet curls as she moved, and shifted his hand forward to plunge one finger into her depths. She keened and tightened around it so well, he was hard pressed not to follow it up with two more. “You are ready, Rose, wet and wanting. How I envy Nat to feel your body wrap around his staff.” She threw him a look as she lifted one leg over Nat and sat on his thighs her bound hands held in front of her.
“And I won’t”?” Sophia asked. “I thought I was to feel you both? Is it you crying red?”
 “She has you, Jas. Are you?” Nathaniel asked him, with a chuckle.
She is playing into our hands. Does she realize it?
“I had thought to initiate you gently, but I see perhaps I need not. It will be up to Nat, he is the one with an injury. We must not overtax him.”
Nathaniel raised one elegant eyebrow. “Tis my arm that is injured, not my cock. I fail to see how Rose riding me and you her, will overtax me. Unless you call a climax as hard and long as I anticipate to be taxing?”
Jasper shook his head. “Then let us show you a little of our paradise, Rose. Can you draw Nat into you?”
The look she threw him would have shriveled the prick of a lesser man.

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