Sunday, 24 March 2013

#SexySnippets from Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed - Natasha (week four)

Happy Sunday, folks!

Today's seven sexy sentences are almost a continuation from last week's Sexy Snippets, where Natasha was trying to pull out.

"Are you safe wording out on me?" He waited for her response, and when she couldn't bring herself to reply, he kissed her. A tender brush of his lips against hers, that made her feel cherished.
"Then trust me, Natasha." He pulled away, and she had to stop herself from reaching out to him. Every cell in her body yearned to be back in his arms. Bereft of his body heat she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, as he walked across the room to the bar and poured himself a large Scotch. He downed the drink in one, shut his eyes, and then leaned against the bar, studying her from across the distance.

Okay, forgive me, its eight sentences...

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed, the card read—what a pretentious name for an escort.

Still, cancer survivor Natasha has to do something to reclaim her sexuality after her reconstructive surgery, and he comes highly recommended—by her mother no less.

When she meets the experienced Dom, he makes every submissive bone in her body sing and wish for things that can never be. Or can they? Fantasy fulfillment is all well and good, but she is just another client.

As they test all of her boundaries, will their one night heal her, or break her?

Be Warned: BDSM, m/m sex, mmf play, voyeurism, spanking

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  1. Okay, I forgive you. Love those 8 sentences. Still want to book Mr SG for myself.

  2. Powerful scene! Well done, Doris.

  3. great snippet! I loved this story! More form Mr SG in the future? ;)

    1. Thanks, Dee, and oh yes. I have four more Mr. SG stories bouncing around in the murky recesses of my mind.

      My muse just needs to decide which one to write.

  4. Very intense. I'll be checking out this one ;)

    1. Thanks, Ella :-) It's the prelude to a rather emotional confession.

  5. I'm glad you gave us 8. :) Looking forward to see where this one is going.

  6. No safewording! I don't want the scene to end.

  7. Pish posh... I think I can forgive your math skills on this one. ;)very nice.