Sunday, 31 March 2013

#SexySnippets from Lure Of The Blood

Happy Easter Sunday, folks.

It's time for another round of Sexy Snippets and I thought I would take you back in time to my debut Novel Lure Of The Blood. This was my first paranormal story, and Ion and Marnie are still one of my favourite couples.

In this scene Ion finally gives in to the attraction between them.


“Ion, please.”
“What, little one?”
The rasp of his rough tongue along her sensitive neck stopped Marnie from being able to respond at all, as the friction his tongue created sent sparks of electricity dancing across her body. Every lick along her fevered skin pitched her arousal higher, until the whole world was centred on the next trail of friction along her jaw.  Her hips moved of their own accord, grinding her core into Ion’s roughened thigh, until the iron grip of his hands on her hips stopped her.
“Easy, little one, this will be so much better if we go slowly. I want to taste every inch of you, drink your cream and make you come again and again against my tongue and then, only then, my sweet will you feel my cock so deep inside you, you will never want to leave me.”

Marnie's decision to finance her law degree by pole dancing awakens her latent sexuality, and the mysterious stranger lurking in the shadows sends her libido into overdrive.

Realizing her sexy lurker is a vampire is bad enough, but her boss is the alpha wolf of a pack of shifters? Torn between her attraction to both men and surrounded by danger, she has a decision to make. One that will change her life forever.

Be Warned: multiple partners

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  1. I love this, It's made me want to go back and re read the book

    1. Yeah, I'd forgotten how much I love these two :-)

  2. Oo hot one! I've not read this one Doris - something I'm going to have to remedy!

  3. Oh, Ion! I think it's time to read this book again. :)

  4. Ooh I still have this to read :)

  5. Oh Ion! How fondly I remember you!

  6. Oh, nom nom nom. I'm off to check out this book.

  7. I don't know him and I like him already. That snippet makes him sound delicious.

  8. Oh, yes, his slow sounds good. Very good.