Friday, 8 March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - Belongings #FFF

Happy Friday Folks,  it's time for another Friday Flash...

She unzipped the suitcase with trembling fingers, and smiled through her tears. It was so very him— neat and orderly with the faint woodsy scent she would always associate with him. It's what had first attracted her, when their hands met over the coffee she served him every morning.
Always polite, and so damn sexy under his mob of hair, and thick geek glasses. Only the twinkle in his eyes had given his naughty side away. The one he only showed to her, leaving her breathless, aching and in love.
"Are those your husband's belongings, Ma'am?"
She could only nod.

Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers HERE.

Till next week, folks.

D x


  1. The first and last paragraphs gave a sense of loss, something bad happened, but the middle one doesn't quite fit the other two as I read it. I felt like she was remembering, but without pain, which probably wasn't what you were aiming for.

    Despite that, it's a great flash. Very emotional (in both ways)

  2. Loved this, l'm guessing he died and the police have asked her to verify this suitcase they've found. Is it all that's left of the poor man? Where was he going? I loved the way her mind takes her back to the man he was with only her.

  3. Thanks, guys. Only just realized I never replied.