Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#MWTease from The Mating Project #wip #shifter #mmf

Time to tease you all again. I've been living and breathing my WIP this week, so I had to tease from The Mating Project. This is book three of The Projects and for those of you familiar with the series, this is Maria's story. It is also my first foray into mmf and I've had so much fun with these three. This currently stands at 39 K, and all being well, I ought to have the story finished by the end of the week.

So without further ado, I give you a little hot something. Please bear in mind this is a first draft and unedited, so forgive any silly mistakes.

By the time she could draw air into her lungs, Silas was removing her leg shackles and Malachi had rid himself of his trousers. His cock was just as thick, if not thicker than Silas's, if not quite as long and the head of his dick looked swollen and purple, the balls drawn up tight to his body as though he was barely holding in his cum.
His stubble glistened with the evidence of her arousal and when he bent to devour her mouth his with his, she tasted herself in with him. It pitched her need for him sky high again, despite her earlier orgasms, and she pleaded with him in between kisses.
"Please, please…"
He pulled away and with a wicked grin bent down to lick the sticky evidence of Silas's cum of her breasts. Silas joined him on the other side, and the dual sensations send her clit and pussy into overdrive. There was something so dirty and yet terribly arousing in the act, and when both men bit down on one erect nipple each, another orgasm ripped through her.
"Beautiful." Silas grinned at her and then cupped Malachi's head as he too abandoned her nipple and kissed him. This time the kiss they shared was tender, if passionate. Silas broke away and licked away the left over residue of Maria's juices off the other man's chin, and then kissed a path down Malachi's body, whilst taking a firm hold of his lover's cock.
Malachi threw his head back and the veins in his neck stood out starkly as he fought for control. Silas slapped his hands away when Malachi tried to pull him off, and instead took all of Malachi's dick in his mouth. Pinned as she was under Silas's weight over her legs, Maria could only watch in awe, when Malachi roared his release into Silas's mouth. Both men fell on the bed next to her and took it in turns to kiss her until the heavy prods of their erections dug into either side of her again.
Silas propped himself up, pulled out a condom from the bedside cabinet and threw it at Malachi. He caught it with a grin down at her and tore it open with his teeth as Silas got another one and turned her sideways until she faced Malachi. Caught in the act of rolling the condom on his cock he grinned at her and kissed her again.
The men exchanged a look over her head that sent an army of butterflies into her lower belly. Delicious anticipation made her pant as Malachi raised one of her legs and rubbed the broad tip of his sheathed dick along her pussy lips.
"God, please, just fuck me."
"Patience is a virtue, princess. Trust me, we'll both fuck you until you won't know where any of us ends or starts." He kept up his slow, shallow glides through her labial lips, nudging her clit on the upstroke every time. The move drove her cat insane and without thinking she sunk her teeth into his shoulder. Malachi roared and flexed his hips and wet as she was his cock slid right in until his balls hit her ass. Behind her Silas swore, and cold liquid ran down the crack of her ass to mix with her own juices.
Malachi thrust into her several more times, as she licked his wound and his hot breath sent shivers down her sweat slicked neck. The brush of his canines made her cat whimper, but instead of biting her back, he growled as though he was in agony and pulled back, all the way keeping up his thrusting into her as though he had no control over his hips.
Maria dimly registered the fullness in her ass, followed by the slight burn of Silas's lubed fingers, as he prepared her for his cock. She was too caught up in staring into the eyes of Malachi's wolf, as her internal muscles clenched and relaxed around his cock.
Malachi looked more animal than human at this point and when he spoke through gritted teeth his voice carried the growl of his wolf.
"Damn it, Silas, hurry up. I can't hold back much longer."
He shook his head at the silent question in her eyes, but she saw no condemnation for her bite, only lust and love all rolled into each other.
"Getting there, Malachi. Hold up for a minute."
With a groan Malachi complied, and Maria moaned at the loss of Silas's fingers in her ass, only to stop thinking all together when she felt the tip of his cock push through the rim of her anus. With agonizing slowness Silas worked his cock into her ass. Retreating a bit each time before he thrust in deeper until finally his balls too rested on her skin.
There was a strange keening sound in the room, and Maria didn't realize it was coming from her until Malachi kissed her.

"Sshh, it’s okay, just relax. We won't move until you're used to us, princess."

Hope you enjoyed that bit of hotness. Do check out the other fabulous authors, who have signed up to tease you over the hump.

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  1. Sexy, smoking hot. Is there anything you can't write, woman? Love it.

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  3. Sure seems you did have fun writing this ;) Hot scene! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  5. Holy Hotness!

    Thanks for teasing, Doris!

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