Thursday, 13 February 2014

Untamed Passion with @KristinElyon19 #newrelease #shifter

I have the lovely Kristin Elyon my blog today with her brand new release, Untamed Passion. If you love your shifters, you're gonna enjoy this one!

Title: Untamed Passion
Author: Kristin Elyon
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Release Day: February 1 2014
Sasha has spent her entire life, feeling like there was much more to life than what she’d been experiencing. Her love life was boring and her new roommate was driving her insane talking about it. However an unfortunate yet chanced incident brings Eric to her rescue.

Could he really be the man of her dreams? Will he teach her exactly how to harness her special shape shifting abilities before it is too late? In a story of love, lies and romance Sasha finds herself in the arms of a handsome shape sifting white tiger that will stop at nothing to protect her.



Her jaw dropped almost as she her eyes fell upon the various pieces of furniture and equipment in what seemed like a dungeon.  She’d read about these types of rooms in several erotica books that she usually indulged in during her free time.  However, seeing it, in the house of a man that she cared deeply for made her feel somewhat nervous.  Why hadn’t he told? Did he think that she wouldn’t be interested?  If that was how he felt, he was certainly mistaken.

She browsed through the equipment, picking each one up and bringing it to eye level to examine it.  A bench in the center of the room caught her attention and the shackles on the floor beside it, made her wonder what it could be used for.  She leaned over it and tried to picture herself in that position, naked with Eric admiring and teasing her from behind.  What a delicious thought that was she licked her lips subtly.   Moving from the bench, she walked over to a moving tray table to the corner of the room.  “Wow,” she said with amazement in her eyes.  There were a variety of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, penis rings, anal balls and some others she’d never even seen or read about.  She didn’t touch any of them, although she figured he’d probably sterilized each one.

Beside them was a box of latex condoms, a bottle of lube and a remote.   The remote seemed quite odd , since she didn’t notice a television or stereo in the room.  The door also didn’t seem to be controlled by a remote either.  Letting her curiosity get the best of her, she pressed the small red button to the top of the remote.  Suddenly one of the walls slide open and huge flat TV could be seen.  It almost felt like she was at the movies.  Why in God’s name would he have a TV in here amongst all these other sex toys and equipments?  She could get used to coming to this room, to watch a movie or two, she laughed to herself.

Switching the TV on, she waited and found something even more surprising before her very eyes. “Welcome to the wonderful world of BDSM,” a male voice sounded through the speakers.  A completely naked woman walked up to a pole and two men soon joined her, tie her body to it securely with rope.

The narrator of the video, a man whom she didn’t see continued talking and explaining several steps that could help a woman enjoy a BDSM experience to the fullest.  As he explained the men demonstrated and the woman seemed to enjoy each action.

Sasha looked on, several questions rushing through her mind.  She watched as the men flogged the woman and then caressed her.  As she continued looking she became more and more engrossed in what she saw.  She could feel the saturation between her legs building up, and the temptation to please herself became harder to resist.

“No, not here, wait till you get home,” she chided herself softly.

However the urges would not go away and she felt it somewhat impossible to leave like this.  Sitting on the bench, she pulled her underwear to the side and slipped two fingers between her legs.  Her pussy was warm and damp.  She studied what the two men were doing and tried to do some of it herself less the restraints.  Flicking her fingers over her clitoris, she bucked pussy against her hand and let out a little moan.  It felt so good, so unbelievably enjoyable.  She the woman in such intensely pleasurable yet painful moments was her own undoing.

Thrusting her fingers into her pussy she cried softly and rocked her pelvis slightly as she took herself rapid and with fury.  Her juices coated her long, slender fingers as she continued to bury them within her warmth.

As she moaned so did the woman in the video, one man had been penetrating her pussy with a long black dildo while the other pinched and pulled her nipples so hard that she cried out from that pain as well.

Sasha continued teasing herself as she locked her eyes onto what was happening on the screen before her, imaging that it she were feeling each sensation that the woman in the video felt.  Her pussy seemed to tremble and tiny spasms rocked through her being as she pushed her fingers deeper and harder into her.  She let out another loud series of moans, basing herself against her hand while increasing her pleasure.  It felt as if she were about to transcend into another universe a euphoric ecstatic blissful place.  As her juices trickled onto her fingers, she continued pleasing herself. 

Her now overly sensitive body was well alive, desperate to experience an intense orgasm like the woman in the video had just done.   She bit her bottom lips and she continued to probe herself until she felt her climax seconds away.  With great earnest, she worked her fingers into her pussy, three of them, crying and moaning with delight as she did.

“I see you’re having fun without me,” a voice sounded in the room....

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