Sunday, 16 February 2014

#SexySnippets from Through the Dom's Lens #bdsm #interracial @evernightpub

Happy Sunday, folks.

I got brand spanking new, simply awesome Cover Art this week, so I had to post my seven from my upcoming release with Evernight Publishing today.

To set the scene, Sally has just met Junsako and she's not convinced that she is what he's looking for. So, he tells her exactly what he needs.



"I had very specific terms for this assignment, and none of those models were the body shape I require for this set of pictures. I want to show off the beauty of a woman's body. I want to enhance the soft flesh bound with my ropes. For that I need a real woman—like you." Her soft gasp was music to his ears. "I want to make you fly. To see your skin flushed with arousal and need, to run my hands all over the abundant curves I can see under your dress. With your permission, of course." 

(Slightly longer than seven, forgive me.)

Sometimes doing a favor can change your life forever.       

Never one to rate her curves, Sally thinks her glamorous sister has lost the plot. Stand in for her at a photo shoot with the most sought after bondage photographer ever?

She'll be laughed out of the studio, or arrested, or both. However, the temptation to actually meet the man she's been secretly lusting after for months proves too hard to resist.

Junsako cannot believe his eyes, when Sally turns up. It's been a long time since the Dom in him felt such an instant pull to anyone. All those curves will look beautiful in Shibari suspension, and Sally proves to be a born submissive. If only she would let go of her body issues and see the beautiful woman he sees through his lens.

Only one thing to do—convince her—with as much kinky sex as possible.

Scheduled for release in March


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  1. For a tease like this I'll forgive you anything ;)

  2. *shudder* She so has to give him permission. Great excerpt, Doris. ;-)

  3. Wow, sounds hot. Counting the weeks until March