Friday, 29 August 2014

FlashFiction Friday - Playtime #FFF

Happy Friday, folks.  Here's your flash for today - Playtime.

What passed for Art these days never ceased to amaze Erika. In this room of the gallery two figures were arranged in a—she wasn’t quite sure what pose they were supposed to be in—really.
If that was erotic, Erika would eat her mop. Looked more like a torture chamber to her, and not of the fun kind. With a shrug and grin at her errant thoughts, Erika set to work cleaning the large glass that made up the viewing area.

Her scream died in her throat, when both figures stood right on the other side, beckoning her.


Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story from the provided picture prompt. Do check out the other flashers. You won't be disappointed. :-)

Till next week, folks.
D x


  1. Oh yeah, that would get your blood pumping. Yikes!

  2. You led me on and chilled me at the end. Great flash

  3. Anytime I catch some one peeking at me from the other side of a mirror, it scares me!! But, that was a very clever twist on this photo, so I loved it. You never cease to amaze and surprise me, Doris. xo

  4. Ohhh very intriguing! Great flash.

  5. Very eerie twist at the end. Nice one!

  6. Love it! So I guess Erika's what they need to liven things up. Great flash, Doris ;-)

  7. Fantastic ending loved the dark tone

  8. Oh wow you caught me with that last line! Love the suspense. I wonder if they will be able to escape. Great flash!