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#MWTease from Auctioned to the Spanish Dom #WIP #bdsm

 Happy middle of the week, folks.  It's time to tease you all again , courtesy of the lovely Sandra Bunino. If you're an author why not join us next week. We have great fun every week, and I love reading my fellow teaser's work. You never know, you might find your next favourite author.

I've been immersing myself in Pedro's story. Those of you who have read my Spectrum Auctions Series, will be familiar with this Spanish Dom. This is his story, and he has just won Peyton King in the latest auction. The prickly reporter is not at all sure about this submission lark, but Pedro has a way of getting under her skin, as you'll see....

(Please excuse any mistakes. This is first draft, unedited material and subject to change)

“Let’s just say, you fascinate me.”
Peyton snorted and then paled when he picked up his abandoned crop and tapped it against his boots.
“What are you going to do with that?” she asked, panic evident in her voice. “I’ve put that down as a hard limit, didn’t I?” Her eyes grew wider when he swished the crop through the air with enough speed to make a faint whistling noise, and she jumped out of her skin when he slapped the leather right next to her thigh with the end of the crop. It made a rather satisfying noise and the sadist in him enjoyed the way she grew even paler and squirmed on the bench. “Didn’t I? Sir, please.” He brought the crop down twice more, the last time perilously close to her naked thigh, and Peyton froze.
He ran the tip of his favorite implement up her bare arm and flicked the hair off her face.
“Breathe, pequeña.”
Peyton gulped in air, and he waited for her to compose herself.
“The crop makes such a nice sound, especially when it hits flesh.  Hold your hands out for me.”
Peyton shook her head, and he tipped her chin up to study her face.
“Put your hands out or use your safeword. Not obeying my instructions is not an option. Not while we’re here. Consider this the start of our scene.”
“Scene?” she echoed. “What if I don’t want a scene?”
Pedro stepped back and crossed his arms.
“Then use your safeword and stop wasting my fucking time, Peyton.”
Oh Shit. She’d pissed him off, but he was confusing the hell out of her. One minute he was tender and attentive, and turned her on so much she was all but ready to jump him, the next he turned into this overbearing Dom. He scared the crap out of her when he looked like that, and turned her on in equal measures. Her panties had long since given up the fight to even try and contain her wetness. This whole thing was a mind fuck of epic proportions, but then again maybe that was his intention all along.
Pedro had gone so still waiting for her answer, she couldn’t be sure he was even still breathing. His black hair hung round his face in straight lines, and his brown eyes bored into her. Flecks of yellow showed round the irises, and the tick in his jaw gave away his irritation. The man was altogether too damn handsome, with his aristocratic features, that dimple in his chin, and the laughter lines around his eyes.
Peyton had never noticed them before, nor the slight grooves running down from his nose to the corners of his sensuous mouth. She grew warm inside at the thought of that mouth on hers. God, the man could kiss, and he smelled divine. All earthy male, with a hint of sweat and that spice cologne he favored.
She briefly wondered how old he was. Older than she first thought him, to be sure. The beginnings of stubble showed on his square jaw, and she bet he had to shave twice a day. He was just so… so domly. She sniggered inwardly at her choice of words and Pedro’s other eyebrow rose. Come on, you want this, don’t you? Think of the article.
Taking a deep breath Peyton held out her hands and some of the tension left Pedro’s frame. There, she could do this. Surely it couldn’t be any worse than being rapped across her knuckles with a ruler. That had been her mother’s favorite punishment.
Peyton’s hands wobbled at that thought, and she sucked in a breath when Pedro’s warm hand closed over hers. He was so much bigger than her, his olive skin such a contrast against her own milky white flesh, that her insides tightened in need. If only he wasn’t this Uber Dom, and she’d met him at a bar or something.
“Shut your eyes, pequeña.”
His voice took on that deep, soothing quality that dripped into her consciousness like molten chocolate and made her want to do whatever he asked of her. A most curious sensation that she had no explanation for. According to the psychological tests that had formed part of her assessment for the suitability of being put up for auction, she scored high on the submissive part. Peyton had scoffed at that, but, right here, now, she wondered whether they hadn’t been right after all.
Pedro ran his fingertips over her wrists again, turned her hands palms up, and she fell further under his spell.
“That’s it. Trust me. Now hold still and feel the kiss of the crop.”
Sweat broke out on her forehead and every muscle in her body tensed in the flight or fight response when she heard the whistle of the crop. Oh, god, that’s going to hurt.
Instead of pain, however, there was only the whoosh of air and the lightest of raps across her palms.
“Good girl. Hold still for me, or I’ll have to tie you down.”
Peyton squeaked, as he repeated the move time and time again, until she relaxed. Only then did the crop bite into her palms, but the slight pain grounded her, in a way she wouldn’t have thought possible.
All too soon, he stopped, and then there was the feel of his lips on her hands.
Somehow she managed to prise her eyelids open and the sight of his dark head bent over her hands gave her the most curious flutters inside her belly.
By the time he licked along the last angry mark on her palms, and looked up at her, she was so aroused, she rubbed her thighs together in a vein effort to soothe the throbbing between her legs. This shouldn’t be this erotic, should it, but when he bit down on the fleshy part where her thumb met her palm, that sharp sting shot straight to her clit.
Pedro’s eyes gleamed with barely hidden excitement and she swallowed nervously, when he smiled.
“Now, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? Shall we try and see how much more you can take?”


What do you think her answer will be? Bearing in mind this is my visual inspiration for Pedro.

No wonder this story is getting hotter and hotter. I have Antonio Banderas' to die for accent in my head while I'm writing.


Right, where was I?  lol. Hop along to the other teasers. You won't regret it.

Stay naughty, folks.

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  1. This sounds fab, Doris! The snippet was.... yummy, sexy, intense. Now, you're going to have to forgive me but I have a huge pet peeve when it comes to reading Spanish in books and I noticed a mistake. If Peyton is a woman, then it should say pequeñA. Pequeño is the masculine form.

    1. Ah, thanks so much for pointing that out Elyzabeth, I shall amend this forthwith. <3

  2. Hearing those words coming from Antonio Banderas' that is quite something. Well done.

  3. Intense tease, Doris. I don't do pain in love but Peyton and Dom have a great relationship. I imagine the intensity would scare and ignite passion in Peyton. I think her answer is a tentative, yes!

    1. Yeah, they are quite the pair those two :-)

  4. Hmmm, I felt her apprehension there but for a Dom as good looking as Antonio perhaps she should grin and bear it. :D Great teaser!

    1. Heh, let's just say he reads her well! Our Peyton has a bit of a thing for pain after all :-)

  5. Oh, Antonio, what fabulous inspiration. I can totally hear his accent too. Yum! Loved the tension and the back and forth. So hot!

  6. As usual a very hot tease, good reading :-)

  7. Hmm, Pedro sounds... complicated. I have a feeling Peyton (great name, btw!) is going to learn things she never expected!

    1. You got that right, Erin, lol. He's probably the most complicated hero I've written so far. Great fun, though, delving into his mind :-)

  8. Hot tease, Doris, and so very erotically sweet. Nicely done. :)

  9. Oh yes, he IS domly! I love Pedro.

    Thanks for teasing with me, Doris.

  10. Really looking forward to this book! Loved the tease!

  11. Hi Doris! The very first line of this tease was from Pedro, right? I'm pretty sure I fell for him right then and there. Very nice, amiga. :)