Sunday, 3 August 2014

#SexySnippets from Rescued by her Alien Warriors (The Warriors, 2) "Eyes on me, woman." @sirenbookstrand #mmf #scifi #comingsoon

Happy Sunday,  folks.

Today's Sexy Snippets  come from book 2 of my Warriors series again, and pick up a few lines after last Sunday's Snippets.

Alzaar doesn't appreciate his second's attention toward Sapphyre...

“She isn’t yours, however, second, so stop manhandling her.”
Sapphyre snapped her attention back to Alzaar’s face, and she felt Bentaan’s full lips curve into a smile against her skin. He licked across her jaw, leaving delicious tingles in their wake, until his lips hovered over hers.
“Eyes on me, woman, and ignore the commander.”
Bentaan’s growled words left her no choice but to obey, and she lost herself in the heat of his golden gaze. Her lips parted of their own accord, and their breaths mingled when Bentaan whispered the next words.

“Neither is she yours, Commander, but I reckon she’d rather like to be, wouldn’t you, my sweet?”

I reckon he has a point there, don't you?

 Still no cover art, which also translates into Doris wears out the refresh button on her e-mail.

Here's the Blurb:

A warship is no place for a human mother and her child. However, Drakan Commander Alzaar and his second in command, Bentaan, have no choice but to bring Sapphyre and Jayde on board. Not least, because their instincts scream at them, that she is the one woman who can turn them into a family again.  

Sapphyre just wants to keep her daughter safe. How on earth does she do that surrounded by droolworthy Aliens, when her libido keeps leading her astray? It is abundantly clear that Alzaar doesn't want her on board ship. At least Bentaan does and the sex is out of this world. If only her heart wasn't involved, and she didn't want both of them.

When the Tamarillion is attacked, Sapphyre has to fight for her men and the ship she now calls home. Without her all would be lost, and Alzaar finally shows his emotions.

However, when regulations and their pasts collide, can they rescue each other?


Scheduled for release on 27th :-)

Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.


  1. A delicious snippet to read with my morning coffee. Fabulous.

  2. He has a very good point. Fab and teasing snippet. :)

  3. I should hope she's his . Best of luck with the new release

  4. Sexy, yummy, teasing, I want more! Looking forward to the release, Doris!

  5. Oh wow. The prospect just warmed my cold toes lol. Fab snippet Doris, and all the best with your release x