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In The Pages of a Good Book Blog Hop #winKindle Celebrating Friendships #ebooks #giftcards

Welcome to my little corner of the In The Pages Of a Good Book Blog Hop!
First off, Happy Anniversary to Beckey. I’m thrilled to be celebrating with you.

So, this hop is all about friendships, and I don’t know about you, but some of my strongest friendships have been formed over books. Be that the latest book boyfriend you just have to share or the solidarity I have found with other writers, to the friendships I forged with readers, there is something about the written word that draws people together.
I am an only child, and for a long, long time books were the best friends I had. From the minute I learnt to read, I devoured books. As I grew older my tastes changed. Enid Blyton was replaced by Sci-fi stories, and eventually romance, the hotter the better. When I discovered Erotic romance I was hooked, and I very rarely read anything else these days.
Not that I find that much time to read these days. As an author I always have characters clambering to have their story told. No one understands that dilemma better than another author, and I have to give a big shout out here to my friend Raven McAllan.
We met on-line when we were still aspiring authors, finding our voices, but we clicked straight away. We’re both pansters, so you will often hear us moan about those pesky characters taking us off on a tangent, and I’m sure if someone read some of our conversations in Skype they would have us committed to the loony farm.
Like I said no one understands another writer like a writer. Over the last almost four years since we met, our friendship has grown into something quite special. We’ve met many times in real life—not an easy feat, as I’m down south, and Raven is all the way up in Scotland—but we talk every day via Skype. On the days we’re both in the writing cave, snippets of our WIPs fly through the ether and we egg each other on. It’s not only great fun, but also proves very productive.
Raven and I are both prolific writers, and each other’s harshest critics. We redit (red pen editing) our manuscripts before we submit them, and I know I wouldn’t be half the writer I am now, were it not for Raven’s critiques, and I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about me.
Having that shoulder to bounce ideas off, tell you where you’re going wrong, or right as the case might be, rant and rave at that review or rejection, or indeed celebrate our successes, is just invaluable.
Raven, or Grammy Jo, as she’s called by my toddler, who she has been adopted by as honorary grandma, is part of my family now, and I feel very blessed to have her in my life.
(I have just been told by Raven – ditto, lol)
Told you we constantly talk via Skype!
Okay, before you reach for the bucket with all this mutual appreciation society going on here, let me draw your attention to my latest release. If you like hot, dominant Aliens, who love each other as much as they love their feisty human heroines, you might like my Warriors. Book two of the Series, rescued by her Alien Warriors has just released.

[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois, M/M/F, with M/M elements, HEA]

A warship is no place for a human mother and her child. However, Drakan Commander Alzaar and his second-in-command, Bentaan, have no choice but to bring Sapphyre and Jayde on board. Not least, because their instincts scream at them that she is the one woman who can turn them into a family again.

Sapphyre just wants to keep her daughter safe. How on earth does she do that surrounded by droolworthy Aliens, when her libido keeps leading her astray? It is abundantly clear that Alzaar doesn't want her on board the ship. At least Bentaan does and the sex is out of this world. If only her heart wasn't involved, and she didn't want both of them.

When the Tamarillion is attacked, Sapphyre has to fight for her men and the ship she now calls home. Without her all would be lost, and Alzaar finally shows his emotions.

However, when regulations and their pasts collide, can they rescue each other?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Available from Bookstrand

Now for the Giveaway Part of this hop.

Raven McAllan and I are both giving away an e-book from our back lists. You can find mine HERE and the lovely Raven's HERE. We have quite a collection between us, so you are bound to find something in there you fancy reading.


To be in the draw, just leave a comment on this blog with your e-mail address, please, and tell us what you value most in a friendship.

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  Stay naughty, folks and hop along to the other fab authors, and bloggers in this hop.

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  1. A true friend os someone to be cherished. I'm blessed, and honored to be your friend and part of your family.