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#ReleaseDay squeal! Awoken by the Sheikh is here. #interracial #bdsm @evernightpub #giveaway #winGC

Oh yes I am, cause it's Release day and you can meet the new and improved Rashid and Astrid, and I don't care one little bit that I am showing my age with my choice of music.


This story is special to me for lots of reasons, not least because it was the first erotic story I ever wrote, and I learned rather a lot of things about me. I share some more of that on Raven McAllan's blog later on today so do hop on over.

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Originally published as Awakening this story has been re-written and added to, to make it shine like I always knew it should do. There is something lovely about being able to revisit your early work, correct your mistakes and to make it even hotter.

Well, you know me... and that muse of mine.

I had great fun revisiting these two, and I hope the readers will  enjoy their story. This is the first in a new series I have planned. Apparently my next heroine is in need of a pirate capture adventure.

To celebrate the release of Awoken by the Sheikh, I'm giving away two $5.00 GC's (Evernight, Amazon, ARe, or Bookstrand - Winner's choice)

Just let me know in the comments what fantasy you would like one of my heroines to fulfil on this Island, and don't forget your e-mail address.

Here's a little hot exclusive excerpt:

Yes, my lord, we’re clear.”
Rashid murmured something in his mother tongue, and released a long drawn out breath, as though he’d stopped breathing in wait for her answer. The thought that he cared this much, the knowledge of how important this seemed to him, gave her a warm glow inside. She couldn’t even begin to explain that bubble of happiness bursting inside of her at his obvious approval. Astrid had never thought of herself as submissive before, but right here, right now, the world narrowed to just the two of them, and it seemed terribly important to her to please him.
Rashid withdrew, and the air moved next to her. The rustle of clothes behind her sent adrenaline swamping through her system. Was he undressing? Would he finally fuck her like she wanted him to? A feather light caress on her ass made her try to arch into it, but it was gone before she achieved her desire. Another touch on her breasts and this time she moved forward, but again it was gone before she could prolong the contact. Her groan of frustration was met by a low chuckle as one hand finally closed around her breast. His calloused digits kneaded her flesh softly, before he replaced the hand with his hot mouth. Her whole body jerked at his tongue laved the erect bud, and he grazed his teeth over the sensitive peaks. Every pull send another stab of lust to her core, and she rubbed her thighs together in a vain attempt to soothe the ache. She yanked at the restraints, and the silk sank deeper into her wrists.
Rashid, please…” She whimpered the words, and Astrid strained against the soft silk binding her wrists.
The slap on her ass stung and brought tears to her eyes, not at the pain, but the loss of his mouth on her aching flesh. “I’m sorry, my lord. Please, please … I need you.”
She moaned in relief when his mouth resumed its erotic exploration of her body. He took his time and caressed every inch of her skin with his lips, teeth, tongue, and finally nimble fingers until she was one boneless bag of need, and grateful for the silken bonds that held her up. Astrid didn’t recognize this wanton woman, who pleaded with him to take, to touch her clit and fuck her. To use her as he saw fit. To please, please do something.
Soon, my pretty, soon.”
Oh thank God, finally. She was going to come the minute he touched her. The throbbing in her bud turned painful as his hands grabbed her thighs firmly, and spread her wider, until her feet lifted off the floor completely. She hung there for a moment with the silk shackles holding her up. The pain in her arms added to her arousal, and his hot breath on her clit almost sent her over the edge. When he lifted her legs on his shoulders, supporting her weight, his mouth finally closed on the engorged bud between her legs. His gentle suckles sent her hurtling over the edge, and her scream of completion echoed in her ears.
That’s my girl. Scream for me, my pretty.  I want to see you gush for me, so that I can lap up your cream.”
The dirty words grumbled into her sensitized flesh kicked her arousal up again, and he took every last one of her spasms.  His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass, while he tunneled his tongue in and out of her desperately clenching pussy hole. He licked her slit to clit and back again, and then ran a path of heated arousal up to her anus. Astrid yanked on her restraints at the invasion of his tongue into her nether hole, and she shook her head from side to side.
No, please, I can’t … too much … it’s … oh, yes, yes.”
Astrid flew again and again, utterly helpless to resist his talented tongue and fingers. Her earlier orgasms faded into nothingness under his grumbled demands into her pussy.
Again, my pretty. One last time. Come for me.”
With his fingers fucking her into another mind splintering release, the world spun, and Astrid screamed Rashid’s name until she was hoarse.  His hands supported her ass, taking more of the weight off her arms, as he shifted his position, and his mouth collided with hers. She could taste herself mixed in with his own essence, as their tongues mated in brutal intensity, until he broke the kiss. His harsh breath whispered in her ear was the most erotic sound ever. The thick tip of his cock ran along her slit, and anticipation of his invasion of her made her breath come in short pants.
What do you want?” Rashid’s voice sounded strained and thick with lust.  He held her perfectly still, and she groaned in helpless need.  He removed her blindfold with his teeth, and Astrid blinked at the sudden light, mesmerized by the intensity of his desire darkened gaze.
Say it, my pretty. I want to hear you beg for it.”
Female power surged through her at the grunted words. He wanted her to beg, did he?  More like he was begging her. Trembles started in his biceps and spread through his body, giving him away. His growl grew deeper at the smile she gave him, his features ever harsher. Rashid held himself still at her entrance, and his fingers dug deep into her butt cheeks. The sweet pain on her abused ass made her bite her lips, and he flashed his teeth at her in the semblance of a smile.
Say it, my pretty, yield to me.”
Dizzy with her own desire and the knowledge that she was the cause of this powerful man between her thighs fighting for control, the dark side of her brain reveled in that power. It urged her to make him wait. She knew she would be punished, craved the pain he was sure to give her, but something in his eyes stopped her. A connection so deep she could not explain. It filled her with warmth and hope at what she glimpsed in his gaze. She locked her legs round his waist, and, her gaze never leaving his, rocked herself forward until the tip of him was inside her. His agonized growl vibrated through every fiber of her being, and his eyes flashed with triumph and relief at her whispered words.

I want you to fuck me, my lord.” 

Services to Sisterhood, 1

Loosen up and awake your inner Sex it services to sisterhood. 

The mere thought of an all-expenses paid trip to a tropical island of sexual abandonment makes straight-laced school teacher Astrid break out in a heat rash. What fantasy is she supposed to live out, exactly? You kinda need to have them to re-enact them, right? However, she can’t really turn down a birthday present, even if her outrageous best friend would let her. 

Everything changes when she wakes up in her very own Arabian Fantasy. Prince Rashid expects her complete obedience, and Astrid can’t help but respond to the demands of the enigmatic Sheikh. Maybe it’s just the ambiance of this place but Astrid finds new strength in her submission, and the sex is out of this world. 

What happens, however, when reality beckons? Can she hold onto the fantasy? 

Be Warned: BDSM, f/f interaction, anal play, rimming, spanking

Buy it here: Amazon  Amazon UK Evernight  ARe  Bookstrand


Now excuse me while I go back to dancing badly and singing off key. Don't forget to let me know about those fantasies of yours...

Stay naughty!

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  1. Congrats on the release, can't wait to read it. I would love to see menage with a bit of exhibitionism thrown in because I believe thinking you're being watched or going to get caught is a turn on.

  2. Awesome excerpt! A fantasy of mine would be a kidnap scene :)


  3. I always loved this story, and I'm sure it's even hotter now! My island fantasy would probably involve Johnny Depp. Just don't tell Raven!

  4. A masked ball where all sorts of mix-up and match ups happen.


  5. This has always been one of my faves.
    My fantasy.... naked man, toys, me with a whip in my hand!

  6. Thanks again, everyone. The winners are Mary Preston and Eva's Flowers :-)