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Woohoo, the awesome Carlene is on my blog today with the delicious Stefan! Enjoy, folks :-)


The boys are back on tour and it feels so good to have landed here at the sexy and crazy talented Miss Doris’s place. Thanks for having us, ma’am! And a big rock star smooch to Doris’s friends. Mwah. My offering today is a man whose name is Stefan Calderon and he’s the bass playing lead singer of Sin Pointe. He’s been very patient while his band-family got their books. Now, his story, Wicked Flower, is finally here! It is the fifth book of the series and the first to be rated erotic rather than just romance so thank you, Stefan, for that hotness. To celebrate its release as well as the series as a whole, I thought it would be fun to share some favorite “Stefan Moments” from the books at each blog tour stop. Today’s comes from Book 2, Sin’s Flower. Here, band songwriter Jaxon knows his heroine, Lily, has a mad crush on Stefan. Because the guys are so close, he’s okay with that, feeling perfectly comfy teasing her during their sexy time. Please enjoy, from Sin’s Flower
As if a loose melody held his head in its musical hands, he bobbed it back and forth to a smooth silent beat, this time taking that delicious pouty lip between his teeth just like in her books. “I decided I get to be the one to taste. I need it more.”
There was no place else for it to hit her but right at sex’s home base, where his body was made to be inside hers. “You do.” Her entire body quivered.
“Mmm-hmm. And I promise to be quiet. Although I don’t think I’m the one we have to worry about.”
“What do you mean?” she asked while he covered them up in the blanket with one hand and slid the other underneath, massaging up and down her rib cage. To her surprise, he left her t-shirt in place.
He grinned. “My mouth is going to be too busy to be making any noise. You, on the other hand, might want to find your Stefan pillow I know you have in here somewhere and bite down.”    
“Why in the world would I want to bite down on that pillow?”
“To keep from screaming out how good my tongue feels inside your—”
“Stop, stop, stop. Okay, you’re going to kill me.”
He waited a second, probably to gauge her face to see if she really meant stop. She’d help him out there. “I don’t mean stop what you were planning on doing,” she said, feeling the rouge staining her permanently.

And here is the Wicked Flower blurb:
~Editor’s Pick
Sin Pointe front man Stefan Calderon is playing a very dangerous game and his mom’s live-in caretaker, Dani Foster, just landed right smack in the middle of it.
Practically strangers when Stefan rolls into his small hometown looking to patch things up with Mom, his and Dani’s worlds collide with a hot and intense hook up. He knows right away this woman will make the perfect partner for his two weeks in town. But when she realizes whose son he is, and what he’s there to do, sexy times come to an abrupt halt.
That is until they come up with a solution. Rules. Every game needs them. The question isn’t if they’ll break them, but when and how hard.
It’s a wickedly delicious game, one neither of them intends to lose.

Thanks for letting me share with you today. If you’d like to spend more time with Stefan in his own book, you can find Wicked Flower at these lovely places:

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