Tuesday, 9 September 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Revelations

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time to tease you all. Enjoy!

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Original Source Unknown)

“Are you sure you want to see these?”
Ryan passed the thick envelope over with obvious reluctance. The portly private investigator had come highly recommended, and he didn’t usually show any emotions. However, every crease of his rumpled suit screamed his unease at her, and Monique’s stomach roiled.
This was going to be so much worse than she’d first thought.
“I was right to be concerned then?” She forced the question past the lump in her throat and fought back tears when he nodded.
It was one thing to suspect your husband was having an affair. Another thing entirely to be confronted with the evidence, and to know that you would finally see the skank he was cheating with.
With a deep breath in to calm her shaking fingers, Monique opened the envelope.
Every slide revealed her husband in more and more revealing poses with her. And out in public for fuck’s sake. The camera had caught the sensuous slide of Jackson’s fingers as he trailed them up the woman’s leg, and under her skirt, before he kissed her.
They had no need to hide, because the world would think it was her.
She was going to kill her twin.

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. Ouch! Things are about to get ugly! I wish to see the next segment, because you got me curious of what will happen next. Nice tease -- you tease! LOL!

  2. Great match for the photo Doris, you pulled me right in. I am with Ray. I want to know what happens next. great Tease xx

  3. Another great twist! I love the idea of thinking he can get away with it. This will definitely put a rift in the family. Great tease

  4. Fantastic teaser with a great twist. More please

  5. Love it! And I too would like to know more... ;)

  6. I am always please with the little twists that escape the comforts of your nasty mind. Sisters are blood, she can't kill her. Kill the husband off, the cheating cad. Forensics won't be able to prove which of the sisters did it, so she'll be acquitted, get all his money and her sister will pine for him painfully and guiltily for the rest of her life, or get framed for his murder. You are a clever delight, Doris. Love your work. Every.Single.Time. xo

  7. great ease yes I want to see more..... this is a great story :)

  8. Nicely done. Now I want to see the cat fight :D

  9. Her Twin? That's a great twist. If I were him I'd come up with this excuse, saying "I didn't know she was your twin. I thought it was you, darling."

  10. Wicked tease. Loved the twin ending wasn't expecting that at all