Sunday, 14 September 2014

#SexySnippets from The Bear Treatment (The Projects, 4) #comingsoon @evernightpub #bdsm #pnr

Happy Sunday, folks. It's time to bring you seven sexy sentences again and today's are coming from book four of The Projects, The Bear Treatment. This is set for release September 24th.

 To set the scene. Louisa is on her first 'date' with Luke, and things get rather.... hot.


They were on top of a crowded restaurant, for God’s sake, and if she turned her head she could see the people dining below. All it would take was for one of them to look up and they would see her sprawled along the table with Luke once again lapping at her cream as she gushed her juices into his waiting mouth. The thought that one of the diners would look up, made her orgasm burn hotter, and with her body still shaking in delicious aftershocks she almost didn’t notice the slight pressure against her little puckered hole until Luke slipped a slick finger wet with her own arousal knuckle deep into her ass. 
She would have bowed off the table had his hot hand on her tummy not held her down, and she lost herself in the heated stare of his golden eyes as their gazes connected.

That’s my girl.” His voice had dropped an octave, dripping in lust, and her body went limp under his possession. “This ass and this pussy are mine to do with as I please are they not, my sweet Lou?”

There’s nothing quite like being dumped by another good for nothing boyfriend to focus a girl’s mind. Fun has been missing from Louisa’s life for far too long, and a bit of wax play at the spa with a difference is just what she needs to take her mind off her birthday.

What can possibly go wrong? It’s not as though the man she’s been secretly lusting after for years would turn up and see her in all of her wobbly bits glory, or give her one mind blowing orgasm after the other, is it?

That would mean she is getting the bear treatment. You know the one—ends up with being mated to one droolworthy, dominant, bear shifter—and ticks off the council no end.

One thing’s for certain. After this birthday nothing will be the same again.


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.


  1. Love the little voyeuristic addition to the spice. Nice.

  2. Goodness me that was scorching! And it's only the first date lol. Good luck with the release.

    1. Heh, in their defence they have known each other since they were children ;-)

  3. If that´s only the first date, what will they do on the second? *fans self*

    1. Weeeelllll, you'll have to wait and see :-P

  4. *switches electric fan on* Oh my, I think this is another one for my TBR pile. Hot snippet. ;)