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Happy Middle of the week, folks and welcome to the tease, brought to you by the fabulous Sandra Bunino. Today my tease comes courtesy of Raven McAllan, who has a brand new release today.

Happy Release Day, Raven!

So without further ado, here is your tease.

“Safe word?”

“Duh, ‘wolf,’ Sir.”

The tap on her bare ass was as unexpected as it stung. Ari yelped. “No sass, pet.” He spun her around and pushed her to the door.
Within seconds she was standing in his large and, thankfully, warm hallway.
“Sorry, Sir.”
Jacob nodded. “Thank you. Right. Head over thataway.” He nodded towards a cream-painted door. “Lounge first, playroom after. I hope.”
So did Ari. She followed him into the lounge and let him help her sit on a large cushion in front of a big squashy armchair. Evidently they were following protocol of a sort. She tucked her legs to one side and watched him close the door, before he walked back across the room and hunkered down in front of her.
 “Are you warm enough in here, pet?” He tipped her head up in the same manner as earlier. By taking her chin between thumb and forefinger and pinching just a little bit.
“Yes, thank you, Sir.”
“Then I can do this.” Slowly Jacob undid the tiny buttons of her jumper and exposed her bra-less breasts. With one long finger he pushed each side of the fluffy garment apart, and then circled each nipple before pinching the hard tip. Pleasure pain shot from there to her clit and pussy, and Ari moaned her delight.
“I love your tits.” He bent his head and sucked on each sensitive nub, over and over. It was torture. Mindful of his diktat that he hadn’t said she could come, Ari bit her lip and counted to ten backwards in her mind. Anything to stop the hot rush of arousal that filled her from spilling over.
“Poor pet. Do you want to come?” He moved to nip her clit with his teeth, and ran his finger across her slit and dipped into her wetness. “Oh my, we do, don’t we? Are you teetering on the edge and waiting for me to let you fly?”
“Oh god, yes, Sir.” Her voice came out needy and wanting.
“Well, now then. You have been a good little subbie and followed orders. So...” He pinched her clit hard. “Come for me, pet. Shout your completion for me.” Before she had a chance to react he thrust two fingers into her and finger-fucked her without finesse.
She screamed as molten lava covered her, filled her, and sent aftershocks reverberating through her body. Spots danced in front of her eyes and stars darted across her vision. “Yesssss.”

“Oh yes. Do it again, sweet. One more for your Sir.” He continued to use his fingers to such good effect inside her, whilst he carried on with the nip and soothe of her clit, that Ari came all over again, and sobbed with the intensity of it all.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
When human Ari Mackintosh lets wolf shifter Jacob Wolfe know she fancies him, fur and sparks fly. Especially as Jacob isn't a mere shifter. He's the Alpha of his pack and a Dom to boot.
Jacob cannot believe his luck when he discovers that the woman he’s been lusting after from afar not only knows about shifters, but is turned on by seeing him shift. It becomes clear that Ari knows far more than she ought to when she recognized him in his wolf form.
It challenges Jacob, as it’s his duty to keep the pack safe. There are rules to follow—rules that he breaks one by one, as he cannot resist Ari’s natural submissiveness.
When push comes to shove and Jacob reveals his secrets, he is fully aware that they might send Ari away screaming.
He has to take the chance and trust that she will stay.
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  1. How delicious! Love this: “Poor pet. Do you want to come?” Such a tease. Happy release day, Raven!! :)

  2. I need to go dip my head in the freezer. Great teaser! And congrats to Raven.